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#205 Nice vegan lunch at conceptstore All About Eve, Hasselt

restaurant review #205 / Shop review #55 – All about Eve is a vegan concept store in the city center of Hasselt. It’s a combination of a restaurant and a shop, that sells cosmetics and body and care products. The restaurant is all vegan, except for dairy used for coffee and drinks (on request).
All About Eve is just next to the main shopping street, on a very central, but nonetheless quiet location. (NOTE – see below)

front terrace, All About Eve, Hasselt

interior, downstairs, All About Eve, Hasselt

interior, upstairs, All About Eve, Hasselt

We visited a couple of months ago, during Summer.
There is a small terrace in front, and at the back of the downstairs level, and then inside seating is on the first floor.
Menu is quite simple, and besides the standard menu, there are some specials noted on a little chalkboard (in the form of a teapot) on each table.

menu (Summer 2018), All About Eve, Hasselt

menu (Summer 2018), All About Eve, Hasselt

special of the day, (Summer 2018), All About Eve, Hasselt

We ordered the asparagus soup (which was soup of the day), with bread and hummus (7,5€). And the oven baked stuffed bell peppers (13€). Next to that, the tempeh salad with avocado (8,5€).

Asparagus soup with bread and hummus, All About Eve, Hasselt

Tempeh and avocado salad, lunch at All About Eve, Hasselt

stuffed bell peppers, lunch at All About Eve, Hasselt

And we had pancakes with pear syrup for dessert (7,5€)!

pancakes, All About Eve, Hasselt

The shop with cosmetics and body and care products is on the ground floor. A large variety of products, of which many brands were unfamiliar for me. There were two small dogs at ground level (kept seperately), keeping guard at who came in and went up the stairs. Smooches 🙂

The garden chairs on the front terrace were not very comfortable.
The toilet is upstairs (not accessible). Toilet was clean and tidy, with nice tiles and sayings on the wall. There were individual towels to dry one’s hands.

toilets at All About Eve, Hasselt. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

guardians of the stairs 🙂 All About Eve, Hasselt

cosmetics for sale at All About Eve, Hasselt

We had a nice lunch! Very cheap food, freshly prepared. Friendly service.
Would love to visit All About Eve again when we are in the area again!

All about Eve, location
Ridderstraat 5
3500 Hasselt


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