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#205 Nice vegan lunch at conceptstore All About Eve, Hasselt

restaurant review #205 / Shop review #55 – All about Eve is a vegan concept store in the city center of Hasselt. It’s a combination of a restaurant and a shop, that sells cosmetics and body and care products. The restaurant is all vegan, except for dairy used for coffee and drinks (on request). All About Eve is just next to the main shopping street, on a very central, but nonetheless quiet location. (NOTE – see below) We visited a couple of months ago, during Summer. There is a small terrace in front, and at the back of the downstairs level, and then inside seating is on the first floor. Menu is quite simple, and besides the standard menu, there are some specials noted on a little chalkboard (in the form of a teapot) on each table. We ordered the asparagus soup (which was soup of the day), with bread and hummus (7,5€). And the oven baked stuffed bell peppers (13€). Next to that, the tempeh salad with avocado (8,5€). And we had pancakes with pear …

Vegala Vegan Beauty shop, Barcelona

Shop review #49 – VeGala is a vegan shop in Barcelona with cosmetics and body and care products. We stopped here just after arriving in Barcelona, as I wanted to get some facial cream and make up remover. And it was not so far from vegan shop Amapolo (with handbags, shoes and wallets). (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). Vegala is a rather small shop, in the north side of Barcelona, in the Vila de Gracia area. Not a very large stock of products, but I found what I needed, and also bought a vegan foundation. Very friendly lady, who took her time to give advice. These are the products I bought (total of 45 euro). Vegala Vegan Beauty Shop, location C/Santa Eugenia 16, local 4 08012 Barcelona Cataluña, España website: See our list of shops, which may interest vegans.

A look inside vegan shop Veganz in Vienna, Austria

Shop review #25 – A couple of weeks ago, we went to Vienna for a couple of days (see other reviews from our trip to Vienna). Upon arriving in Austria’s capital, the first thing we did was head to vegan shop Veganz. I had not packed any toiletries for our citytrip (toothpaste, deo, body lotion, …) so needed some supplies to get us through the holiday. And I was also hoping to discover some new brands! (UPDATE 2017 – see below) Veganz is about a 10 minute walk from the Opera (walk down south on the Operngasse and you walk stray up to it). We were also quite hungry (it was already afternoon and we hadn’t had any lunch), so we bought a drink, a wrap and sushi from the Vreshtogo fridge and ate them on the bench just outside of Veganz. Lovely! Veganz is sometimes referred to as a ‘supermarket’, which led me to expect a bigger store. It’s not as big as the supermarkets like Delhaize, Carrefour or even Bioplanet (BE) and Ekoplaza (NL). But Veganz is a reasonably sized store, comparable …