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#76 – Light lunch at Wild Project, Antwerp ***

Restaurant review #76 – Wild Project is a new vegetarian Bistro in the center of Antwerpen, close to the city hall and Het Steen (the castle at the river Scheldt). I went here for lunch a couple of weeks ago with a friend.

Wild Project, Antwerp

Wild Project, Antwerp

Interior, Wild Project, Anwterp

Interior, Wild Project, Anwterp

Terrace in front

Terrace in front

It’s a cosy little place, with a handful of seating places inside (I later discovered there is also room upstairs, but we didn’t see that). There’s also a sunny terrace in front.
This what we had for lunch: fresh made juice and a hot ginger drink (3€ each). A vegan burger sandwich (9,5€) and a tofu sandwich (7€).

Organge juice an hot ginger drink

Juice and hot ginger drink (3€ each)

Tofu sandwhich, 7€

Tofu sandwich, 7,5 €

Burger, 9,5€

Burger sandwich, 9,5€

Menu Wild Project, Antwerp

Menu Wild Project, Antwerp

Food was very nice. The burger didn’t really have a burger texture, but was more a patty of grains and vegs. 7,5€ and 9,5€ for the sandwich and burger is cheap for a main dish, but take into account they are not large portions (a lot of bread and not so much filling). This light lunch was more than enough for us, but If you have a big appetite though, I would suggest you maybe order two things.

Atmosphere was relaxed, it’s a nice bright space, but the wooden chairs don’t invite for long dining. Service was very friendly (not Dutch speaking however, but you’ll get there with English or Italian, the menu is also in English). There are several vegan options available, but they are not indicated on the menu, so you need to verify. Toilet was clean, very colourful and decorated with texts and murals, although very narrow and couldn’t dry my hands after washing.
There were also some good looking vegan pies for dessert at the counter. But we wanted to go to the docks to visit the Sea Shepherd ship (see pics here), and were planning to have some desserts at Greenway in the afternoon (see blog here).

In sum, we had a lovely light lunch at Wild Project. Would love to try some of the other options on the menu. Nice new addition in Antwerp!

Wild Project, location
Grote Pieter Potstraat 21
2000 Antwerpen
no telephone found


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Our lunch at Wild Project, Anwterp

Our lunch at Wild Project, Antwerp


colourful toilets at Wild Project

colourful toilets at Wild Project

texts on the toilet door. very narrow space though

texts on the toilet door.
very narrow space though

Interior, Wild Project, Anwterp

Interior, Wild Project, Antwerp

Brabo and city Hall, Anwterp

Brabo and city Hall, Antwerp

Wild Project, Antwerp

Wild Project, Antwerp


  1. Eva says

    When we were there a while ago they did speak a bit Dutch. The girl who helped us seemed to understand us but had some trouble to answer in Dutch. Very friendly and we enjoyed our vegan pizza and burger and the freshly made (still warm) dessert

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