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#75 – A piece of cake (or three!) at Greenway, Antwerp ***

Restaurant review #75 – Greenway is a Belgian vegetarian brand (restaurants and products) and was founded by Paul Florizoone in the mid nineties. The first Greenway restaurant opened in Ghent in 1996 and I vividly remember it opening at that time (I worked nearby and was thrilled!). Meanwhile there are three Greenway restaurants in Belgium (Ghent, Louvain and Antwerp) and a take-away at the railway station of Brussels-Midi. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the one in Ghent, but I have visited the Greenway in Louvain again recently for lunch (blog is coming up soon).

Greenway, Antwerp

Greenway, Antwerp

Greenway Antwerp, interior

Greenway Antwerp, interior

On my visit to Antwerp a couple of weeks ago (where my friend and I also went on board one of Sea Shepherd’s ships that was docked in the harbor for a couple of days, see the blog here), we visited Greenway in Antwerp for some cakes. The Greenway is at de Groenplaats, which is in the city center, close to the cathedral and the city hall.
There were three vegan cakes on offer, all made by Julie from Flockfoods, a new company making vegan pies, muffins and other pastry on demand. They all looked delicious and we couldn’t really choose, so we had a piece of each 🙂 and some drinks (bionade 2,6€ and coffee 2€).

cakes from Flockfoods, greenway Antwerp

Cakes from Flockfoods, Greenway Antwerp

a piece of each cake ... :-)

a piece of each cake … 🙂 (5€ a piece)

I preferred the red velvet cake (although I’m not a fan of the the colourful tiny pearls on top), my friend liked the pistache cake the best! The chocolate one was also very nice. The pistache and red velvet were 5€ each, can’t remember the price for the chocolate one (edit – found the ticket – it was also 5€).

The Greenway in Antwerp is spacious and has a nice relaxed feel to it. Chairs are uncomfortable though (it is more fast food style also, so you’re probably not expected to sit on them for very long 😉 Toilets were OK. Large terrace in front, where you can enjoy the vibrant vibes of the Groenplaats. If I’m ever in Antwerp again, I’ll definitely consider visiting Greenway again, maybe for lunch this time.

Greenway, location
Groenplaats 6
2000 Antwerpen


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menu, Greenway Antwerp

menu, Greenway Antwerp

Greenway Anwterp, interior

Greenway Antwerp, interior

toilets at Greenway Antwerp

toilets at Greenway Antwerp




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  2. I am not a big fan of greenway Leuven. But I love the deserts & pies from flock foods a lot! I ordered already there a big vegan cake for my birthday! A great review,…thanks!

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