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#101 Waiting for the Eurostar. Nice fastfood lunch at Greenway, train station Brussels

Restaurant review #101 – Reminder – GIVEAWAY to celebrate 100 restaurant reviews & 3 years The Bruges Vegan.
Greenway is a Belgian vegetarian brand (restaurants and products) and was founded by Paul Florizoone in the mid nineties. The first Greenway restaurant opened in Ghent in 1996 and I vividly remember it opening at that time (I worked nearby and was thrilled!). Meanwhile there are three Greenway restaurants in Belgium (Ghent, Louvain and Antwerp) and a take-away/foodstall at the railway station of Bruxelles-Midi.
I already blogged about the Greenway in Louvain and the Greenway in Antwerp.

We stopped for lunch at the Greenway in the train station of Brussels on our way to Vegfest London (see our blog, with also a review of lectures from the intersectionality Conference HERE). We had some spare time before boarding the Eurostar to London, and were a bit anxious whether we would get any (decent) vegan food on the train ride to London, so decided to have something to eat at Greenway beforehand.

Greenway Brussesl Midi/Zuid

Greenway Brussels Midi/Zuid

Menu and chairs at Greenway Brussels

Menu and chairs at Greenway Brussels

Vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu. You order at the counter, and wait for your order to be called out so you can pick it up. Service was friendly, and we didn’t have to wait long for our food.
We had a Mexican smoked Jalapeno burger (7,95€) and a Yakitori Wrap (7,95€). Fresh juice was 5€.

Burgers and drinks, Greenway Brussels

Burger, warp and fresh juice, Greenway Brussels, total 20,90€

By the way, the vegan food on Eurostar wasn’t all that bad (and I was even surprised they even had a vegan option – tick it when booking). But it we didn’t get very much, so we were glad we had filled up at Greenway. 🙂
This is what we were served on Eurostar on the way to London, and coming back from London to Brussels. On the way back it was ‘breakfast’ as the train had departed before 11AM. So we were glad that we hade bought some vegan wraps at St Pancras train station before boarding!


lunch on Eurostar train, on our way to VegFest London

lunch on Eurostar train, on our way to VegFest London, with interesting reading material by Casey Taft

cookies not vegan though

cookies not vegan though

'breakfast' on our way back, on Eurostar

‘breakfast’ on our way back, on Eurostar (despite it being nearly noon!)

good thing we bought some wraps at St Pancras station before boarding. tehse were nice!

good thing we bought some wraps at St Pancras station before boarding. tehse were nice!

Greenway, location
Fonsnylaan 46 bus 18
1060 Sint-Gillis – Brussels





See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

Greenway at Brussels Midi/Zuid

Greenway at Brussels Midi/Zuid

seating area, Greenway Brussels

seating area, Greenway Brussels Midi/Zuid


  1. I discovered Greenway in Antwerp and I love it. I go there once a month to have a good vegan and gluten free lunch !

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