#95 Seitan stew and portobello burger at Mosquito Coast, Ghent

Restaurant review #95 – Mosquito Coast is a travel restaurant in the city center of Ghent (in between the Korenmarkt and Vrijdagmarkt – close to the city hall). It is actually very close to Japanese restaurant Amatsu, which we also visited recently (see review here).

Mosquito Coast, Ghent, front terrace
Mosquito Coast, Ghent, front terrace
part of the menu, Mosquito Coast
part of the menu, Mosquito Coast, vegetarian options are indicated (vegan options not, one of the vegetarian is standardly vegan)

I had seen it mentionned several times in some of the Belgian vegan facebookgroups, as a place where vegans also can have a meal.
I wanted to go there with a friend and phoned to inquire. The guy at the telephone said they have one vegan dish standardly available (the seitan stew with croquettes) and several vegetarian dishes (turns out some of them can easlily be veganised).
I had the seitan stew (17,75€). My friend had the portobello burger (13,75€) . We checked with the kitchen staff to know whether the bun of the portobello burger was vegan too (whether it didn’t contain dairy or eggs). Staff seemed to be taken by surprise by this question. After a while, one of the kitchen staff returned to say it was, that it ‘didn’t contain any dairy’ (he did seem a bit elusive on our question whether it didn’t contain any eggs – I would definitely advise to check again when visiting Mosquito Coast, to be sure).

This is what we had:

Drinks at Mosquito Coast, Ghent
Drinks at Mosquito Coast, Ghent: Cranberry juice (2,25€) and fresh orange juice (4,25€)
Portobello Burger (13,75€), Mosquito Coast, Ghent (see note above about bread)
Seitan stew with croquettes, Mosquito Coast, Ghent
Seitan stew with croquettes and veganaise (17,75€), Mosquito Coast, Ghent
Mosquito Coast, Bar area
Mosquito Coast, Bar area

Mosquito Coast is a vary spacious place. There are three terraces (one in front and two in the back) so definitely in Summer time there is plenty of room. The tables inside are not all very comfortable (there are some where you can hardly put two plates on, because the tables are so narrow) and the wooden pub like chairs are rather uncomfortable. It is more a pub style restaurant than a ‘restaurant’, with also a bar with stools. Being a ‘travel restaurant’, there are some exotic touches (framed photos, international licence plates on the walls), unfortunataley also a dead animal’s head on the wall (zebra – see photo below)
Toilet is upstairs and is brightened up with lively coloured paintings. Toilets were clean.
Service was very friendly.
The food was good, I certainly liked the seitan stew (although I do like the version we make ourselves still better 🙂 our recipe is here! ) The croquettes with veganaise on the side were also nice. My friend also liked the portobello burger, although most of what was on the dish was cold (lots of salad), so if you are looking for a hot meal, this is not the best choice.



Mosquito coast, location
Hoogpoort 28
9000 Gent


See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

toilet at Mosquito Coast, Ghent
toilet at Mosquito Coast, Ghent, very colourful
toilet at Mosquito Coast, Ghent, clean and tidy
toilet at Mosquito Coast, Ghent, clean and tidy
Mosquito Coast, the lounge part in the front
Mosquito Coast, the lounge part in the front – don’t like the stuffed zebrahead though
Terrac at the back, 1st floor, Mosquito Coast, hent
Terrace at the back, 1st floor, Mosquito Coast, Ghent


Portobello Burger, Mosquito Coast, Ghent
Our lunch at Mosquito Coast, Ghent

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow that looks fantastic! 😀 I wish I was there! 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I work at Mosquito Coast and I can assure the bun is vegan. They do contain Palm Oil.

    1. trudi_bruges says:

      Thanks for your feedback Rebecca! Appreciated 🙂

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