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#209 ‘Beet the roots’ at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Louvain

restaurant review #209 – Ellis Gourmet Burger is part of a chain of restaurants, with several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. There is one vegan burger standardly available: “beet the roots”, which is made with (the name already gives it away) beet roots.
We were at the restaurant in Leuven (Louvain, close to Brussels) during the Summer.
The restaurant has a nice interior. There’s also a large terrace outside in front of the restaurant.

Front of Ellis Gourmet Burger, Leuven

interior, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Leuven

We inquired about any other vegan options. The waitress was very friendly and went to check ingredients/allergenes with the kitchen. The Portobello burger could be made vegan: without the bun, and without the cheese (but not much remains then; in hindsight, I wonder why they cannot just take the buns from the vegan beet the roots burger?). The other vegetarian burgers were said to be not vegan. So we both ordered the vegan ‘beet the roots’ burger (11€), with fries (3,70€). Fries are baked in vegetable oil.

The burger and fries came with mayo. The waitress realized her mistake, and came back with bbq sauce. It had a very smoked flavour.

Beet the roots burger with fries, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Leuven

About the burger: we had mixed opinions. It has a beety flavour and is more like a vegetable patty than a real ‘burger’. It has no real ‘bite’. Fries were nice. Pity there’s only one vegan sauce available (BBQ), which has a very outspoken taste.

Nice modern interior. The restaurant itself is accessible. Toilet is not accessible, it is in the basement, with very steep stairs to get there. Toilet was OK. There’s an air dryer to dry one’s hands.

Toilets at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Leuven. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

gazette from Ellis Gourmet Burger, Leuven

All in all: nice to see a vegan option available, but could not really charm us. Service was fast and friendly. A tad expensive (14,70 for burger with fries).

Ellis Gourmet Burger Leuven, location 
Naamsestraat 5,
3000 Leuven
+32 (0)16 66 12 66


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Ladeuzeplein, kids playing in water fountains, Leuven

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