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#247 Nice Indonesian rice table at Warung Adinda, Hilversum

restaurant review 247 – Warung Adinda – the name kind of gives it away 😉 – is an Indonesian restaurant in the city center of Hilversum in the Netherlands.
There are plenty of Indonesian restaurants in The Netherlands (given the historical link with the country), but unfortunately they are a rarity in Belgium. So whenever we are in the Netherlands, we try to go to an Indonesian restaurant.

This is from a visit a couple of weeks ago, when we spent a couple of days in the Netherlands on holiday.

Front, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

Interior, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

We ordered the vegetarian ricetable and asked to leave out any dishes with egg (there was said to be one dish) and also inquired about the use of oyster sauce (the fried rice / nasi is in oyster sauce).
We were also offered to take part in the buffet (and that was said to be cheaper), but for me it was handier to have it served at the table.

Indonesian ricetable, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

selection of the ricetable on plate, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

The food was good, the ricetable had a nice variety, with dishes with tempeh and tofu. Love it!
The ricetable was 24,5€ per person, which is a bit more expensive than the price of ricetables we have eaten at other Indonesian restaurants.

Service was very friendly. The atmosphere was a bit noisy, but that was because there was a party of 6 next to us, with several children running around in the restaurant room and screaming. Also keep in mind that this is not a vegan restaurant, and it’s hard to avoid the confrontation with non-vegan items and food (eg the restaurant serves ‘spare ribs’).

the serving of spare ribs (and sign) is kind of off putting, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

The restaurant room is accessible (groundfloor). Don’t know about accessibility of the toilets as I didn’t visit the toilets (so no pic of the toilets this time!).

All in all: We had a nice quick dinner. Friendly service. But not so cosy atmosphere.

Warung Adinda, location
Langestraat 85B,
1211 GW Hilversum
the Netherlands
+31 35 624 2960

website: https://www.warungadinda.nl/

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rice table, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

on the corner, Warung Adinda, Hilversum, NL

town square of Hilversum

somewhere on our tandem trip around Hilversum (NL)



  1. You’ve had me curious about rice tables, but sadly the closest Indonesian restaurant that offers one is a ten-hour drive away. I think it might be better to visit the Netherlands sometime!

  2. veganbythebookblog says

    Long before I thought about vegan food, I enjoyed putting together Indonesian meals and also going to an Indonesian rice table restaurant a few minutes away. Now you have me wanting a vegan rice table experience! THANKS for this post.

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