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#248 Another delicious dinner at Rasoterra(2), Barcelona

restaurant review #248 – Rasoterra is a vegetarian restaurant in the old city center of Barcelona (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). We had already visited Rasoterra in the beginning of 2018 (see review) and we liked it so much that we definitely wanted to visit again during our visit to Barcelona in the Spring of 2019.
Rasoterra often pops up as one of the best places to go dining on vegan or vegetarian lists of Barcelona – or even the world! We agree!

I had made a reservation by phone, and it is definitely advised to make a reservation, because the place soon filled up again.

Front of Rasoterra, Barcelona

Interior, Rasoterra, Barcelona

arty front of menucard, Rasoterra, Barcelona

vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu.
We took a menu of several smaller dishes (Seasonal menu, 32€ pp.), like last time.
Lovely! This is what we were served (see also photo of menu):

  • Fennel cream soup
  • Bao with asparagus and green beens
  • Marinated artichokes, stewed pardina lentils
  • Grilled maitake mushrooms
  • the vegan replacement in the menu (can’t recall what it was exactly!)
  • Strawberries from Maresme macerated with coffee and mezcal
  • Chocolate truffel

Seasonal menu, Rasoterra, Barcelona

We had alcohol free beers with our dinner:

alcohol free beers, 2,50 each, Rasoterra, Barcelona

This was dinner:

Fennel cream soup, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Bao with asparagus and green beens , Rasoterra, Barcelona

Marinated artichokes, stewed pardina lentils, Rasoterra, Barcelona

served with sour dough bread spread with tomato, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Grilled maitake mushrooms, Rasoterra, Barcelona

vegan replacement in main dish (can’t recall what it was exactly!), Rasoterra, Barcelona

Strawberries from Maresme macerated with coffee and mezcal, Rasoterra, Barcelona

chocolate truffel, Rasoterra, Barcelona

I didn’t take a pic of the toilets this time, as they were unchanged from our last visit. They were clean, but the frames could use a good renovation paint job. Paper towels to dry ones hands.

Rasoterra is not accessible unfortunately (big step to get in and small entrance) and no accessible toilet.

Interior, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Front door with logo, Rasoterra, Barcelona

bussiness card, Rasoterra, Barcelona

All in all: we really enjoyed our dinner. Nice food, relaxed and friendly service.
If you ever get the chance to visit Rasoterra, make sure you do!

Carrer Palau, 5
08002 Barcelona
+34 933186926


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Chalk board at entrance: ‘A meal without wine is called breakfast’. Well we didn’t have any wine, but had a nice dinner anyway 😉

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