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#285 Delicious tapas in beautiful historic setting, Atelier Flori, Bruges

restaurant review #285 – Atelier Flori is a vegan wine and tapas bar in the center of Bruges. It opened at the end of 2019. It is a bit tucked away in the Korte Vuldersstraat, near ‘t Zand. This review is from a visit to Atelier Flori in September 2020, before the second lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic were enforced. The menu only offers a handful of light options (e.g. nachos with dip), as this is primarily a wine bar. We chose the vegan etagère for two (32€) and it was magnificent! With homemade vegan cheezes, lasagne, avocado spread, a small glass of soup, bread, fresh vegetables and much more.More than enough for the two of us! We had some alcohol free drinks (lemnade 3,50€, mocktail 5€). For dessert we shared a chocolate mousse (made with aquafaba) with whip (5€). Nice! We enjoyed the beautiful decor. The bar is located in an old historic building in the city centre of Bruges. It used to be the painting studio (atelier) of painter Flori Van …

#264 – Nice tapas dinner, somewhat strange combinations, Madonna, Ghent

restaurant review #264 – This review is from a restaurant visit to Madonna a couple of months ago at the beginning of 2020, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. Madonna is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Ghent, near the Sint-Michiels church. We were here on a weekday for dinner. The restaurant room is spacious, and is old-style with lots of wood on the walls and a high ceiling. A rather dark atmosphere. Wooden chairs (not so comfy). The tapas menu (21€ pp) is the only option (next to that you can choose some small appetizers like olives or nuts, and desserts). It was said to be no problem to veganize the tapas menu (see photo of menu).

#248 Another delicious dinner at Rasoterra(2), Barcelona

restaurant review #248 – Rasoterra is a vegetarian restaurant in the old city center of Barcelona (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). We had already visited Rasoterra in the beginning of 2018 (see review) and we liked it so much that we definitely wanted to visit again during our visit to Barcelona in the Spring of 2019. Rasoterra often pops up as one of the best places to go dining on vegan or vegetarian lists of Barcelona – or even the world! We agree! I had made a reservation by phone, and it is definitely advised to make a reservation, because the place soon filled up again.

A critical note about vegan (friendly) places? Don’t you dare!

This is a comment that often comes up on vegan forums when somebody gives a negative comment about a vegan (friendly) place. You shouldn’t criticise them! You should be supportive. At least they are making an effort, don’t be so negative. They need our love and support, not criticism. The reasoning behind it is that these vegan (friendly) places already have a hard time surviving in a predominantly non-vegan catering world, and we should not be making it any harder on them, but only encourage them and support them, and as such, not criticise them. Of course we support vegan places and wish them the best and try to visit as many of these places as we can! We hope their numbers will increase rapidly in the future. Whenever we see a new vegan place opening, we are excited to go try it out and we give it our support. And when non-vegan places start offering vegan options, we encourage their efforts! We have had plenty of positive experiences over the years and have documented them in our reviews. But just the fact of being a vegan business or …

#49 Fantastic dinner at Terre à Terre, Brighton, UK *****

Restaurant review #49 – A couple of weeks ago, we spent some days in and around Brighton, in the southeast of England (UK). Brighton is a vibrant but also quite touristic place. I will put a more general post about our visit to Brighton up later. And there are several restaurant reviews coming up, as we defintely ate a lot! Brighton is known to be a hub for vegans, with several vegan and vegan friendly restaurants. That is also the main reason why we choose to go there this Summer! Terre à Terre is a more upstyle restaurant in Brighton. It is a vegetarian restaurant, with lots of vegan options standardly available. When I asked in vegan groups about definitely must places to visit, Terre à Terre was mentioned several times, so we really didn’t want to miss this! Hence, I already made the reservation (online) about a week beforehand, which is defenitely a must, since options for that Saturday evening were already getting limited. It is located in the city center, not far from the famous …