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#43 Our vegan dinner at resto De Kroontjes, De Koog (Texel, NL) **

Restaurant review #43 – Texel is an island north west of Amsterdam (NL). There are only a handfull of small villages on Texel, but the island is very touristic, so there are quite a lot of hotels and restaurants. Not that much options for vegans though. In another blogpost, I’ll give our vegan view on Texel, and places where you can have a vegan meal (and also some restaurants that replied they can’t fullfill our vegan needs).

Interior, restaurant De Kroontjes, Texel

Interior, restaurant De Kroontjes, Texel

We were at Texel for the weekend, and we dined at restaurant De Kroontjes in De Koog, a very small town on the west side of the island. I had noticed on the website of De Kroontjes they have a vegetarian curry risotto as a vegetarian option, and so I e-mailed them if we could get a vegan meal (explaining what we do and don’t eat). After receiving confirmation, I made a reservation.

The front of the restaurant looks more like a pub or brasserie, but the inside is more resaturant style. After arriving at the restaurant, I asked whether everything was ok regarding the vegan aspect? And we were reassured. We ordered some drinks which came quickly and then … waited. The waitress did not come to ask what we wanted to order for dinner (appetizer or not?) or to tell us what we were going to be served.

After a large half an hour, we were served dinner:

rice curry with vegetables

rice curry with vegetables, 18€

mashed potatoes with olive oil

mashed potatoes with olive oil



Mixed vegetables with rice curry, mashed potatoes and … apple sauce on the side. One of the funniest combinations we ever had on restaurant 😉 But it was nice! No haute cuisine, and culinary not very inspirational, but the curry risotto did taste good. But we thought 18€ was really on the steep side.

It was unfortunate we weren’t offered an appetizer nor dessert (especially since they knew we were coming). As for dessert the waitress told us she could not offer us anything, as everything contained dairy. Pity that they could not even come up with something based on fruits or maybe a sorbet!

Nice touch on the cutlery. For a moment we thought vegans get special knives with a ‘VEGA’ mark on it. lol! Seems VEGA is a brand of kitchen silverware though 😉

VEGA knife

VEGA knife

De Kroontjes, location
Dorpsstraat 233
1796 CD – Texel
the Netherlands
website: http://www.restaurantdekroontjes.nl/
+31(0)222 317610

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