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#220 The Beyond Meat Burger at Greenway, Leuven (3)

restaurant review #220 – Greenway is a Belgian vegetarian brand (restaurants and products) and was founded in the mid nineties. There are three Greenway restaurants in Belgium: in Ghent (it’s been ages since I was there!), in Louvain and in Antwerp. There’s also a Greenway foodstall at the train station of Gare du Midi, where we had a nice lunch before boarding on the Eurostar to London (previous reviews of Greenway here).
In 2018, Greenway announced that all it’s restaurants would become fully vegan!

Interior Greenway, one side is with high barstools and tables, Greenway, Louvain

This is from a visit at the Greenway in Louvain a couple of months ago (end of 2018). We’ve been to the Greenway in Louvain several times before, but on this occassion, we went to try the Beyond Meat burger, a new vegan burger that has been getting quite a few headlines lately for its supposedly ‘meaty’ taste and texture.
Greenway in Louvain is in the city center, next to the Oude Markt (Parijsstraat).

street sign for Beyond Meat burger at Greenway, Louvain

chalkboard in restaurant with menu options, Greenway, Louvain

The Beyond Meat burger does live up to its reputation: it does taste really meaty! For some vegans this might be a deterrent, for others precisely the thing they are looking for! Mixed feelings here: I didn’t really fancy The Beyond Meat burger, my husband really liked it.
It came with potato wedges on the side and melted vegan cheese. At 13,50€ a bit steep, especially since the burger is rather a small burger.
We also shared a speculaas cake, which was lovely!

Beyond Meat burger at Greenway Louvain

speculaas cake at Greenway, Louvain

The interior at Greenway Louvain is spacious, modern, although not so comfortable seatings (no real chairs, but benches and bar stools, two sofas at the front though). The entrance at restaurant level is accessible, toilet is not.  Toilets are downstairs, and they have been painted colourfully painted, which makes a bit more bright.  Toilets were clean, with paper towels to dry ones hands.

toilets at Greenway Leuven, Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

front seating, with look at front terrace, Greenway, Leuven

We are climate changers, text written on wall inside restaurant, Greenway,Louvain

Glad to have tried the Beyond Meat burger! Great addition to the menu at Greenway.
I wish a Greenway restaurant would open in Bruges one day 😉

Parijsstraat 12
3000 Leuven


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