#136 Gastronomic dining at The Gate, London

restaurant review #136 – The Gate is vegetarian restaurant in London. It has three locations: one in Islington, one in Hammersmith, and one in Marylebone, which is the one we went to.

Terrace, The Gate, London
The Gate, London
interior, The Gate, London
kitchen counter, The Gate, London

The Gate in Marylebone is located in a calm street, quite a contrast with the hustle and bustle of nearby Oxford Street. It has a large terrace in front, and two restaurants rooms (one on ground floor, and one in basement). It is a more fancy, ‘restaurant like’ place, with gastronomic creations.

Vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu. The winelist also mentions which drinks are vegan.

This is what we had for dinner:

  • Artichoke terrine, ยฃ8, truffle & hazelnut infused artichoke, homemade sundried tomato & basil salsa, crispy breadย 
  • Tofu Tikka, ยฃ7,5, marinated smoked tofu in tikka spices with chana salsa made of Kalamata olives, shallot , tomatoes, roast pepper & coriander & harissa
  • Shiitaki ginger Gyoza ยฃ14,ย traditional stuffed dumpling, sweet potato purรฉe, sautรฉ greens, teriyaki sauce, toasted cashews
  • Rotolo, ยฃ15,50, pommes dauphinoises filled with North African style vegetables & chickpeas, served with raw cauliflower couscous, pickled lemon & coriander salsa
  • Strawberry eaton mess, ยฃ7, British strawberries with vegan meringue & chantilly cream
  • Soft cappuccino cheesecake, ยฃ7,ย coffee flavoured vegan cheesecake with a hazelnut base & mocha cream
Artichoke patรฉ, ยฃ8, The Gate, London
Tofu Tika, 7,50ยฃ, The Gate, London
Gyoza, 14ยฃ, The Gate, London
Rotolo, ยฃ15,50, The Gate, London
Eton Mess, ยฃ7, The Gate, London
Cheesecake, ยฃ7, The Gate, London

We absolutely loved the food! Delicious, lovely combinations,ย  and nicely presented. The meringue in the eaton mess (made from aquafaba) was perfectly crispy!
Service was very friendly, although very ‘rushed’. We had hardly started our aperitif (a small amuse geule to go along with that would have been nice) and the appetizer was already served! The main course and dessert also followled very rapidly. It felt as though they wanted us out of the restaurant as quickly as possible (although the restaurant was not even half full, so there was plenty of room for later bookings).
Other than than the restaurant atmosphere was calm, and nicely decorated. The bench against the wall was comfortable, chairs were simple wooden chairs though (hard).

All in all: a lovely dinner, pity about the rushed service!ย 


The Gate, at Marylebone, location
22-24 Seymour Place, London, Marylebone
W1H 7NL London, UK
Tel: 020 7724 6656

website:ย http://thegaterestaurants.com/

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurantsย in Brugesย andย outside ย Bruges.

Toilets at The Gate, London, downstairs, clean and tidy
The Gate, London


Animals in War Memorial in Hyde Park, a 10 min walk from The Gate. See my earlier post: The animals do not want our medals nor statues
Hyde Park, London
Serenity, Isis Sculpture, Hyde Park

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