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#344 Nice lunch at vegan resto brEAThe, Paris (FR)

restaurant review #344 – BrEAThe is a vegan Asian maki bar. It is the second location of this restaurant, based in Montorgeuil in Paris. We were here for lunch in March (yes, I’m still cathing up on restaurant reviews!) when we were in Paris for a show of GENESIS on their last ever tour (see some videos below, and more on my You Tube channel).

Front of restaurant, BrEAThe, Paris
interior, BrEAThe, Paris

The menu options are original and not what you find in your ‘mainstream’ vegan restaurant. Very special ‘uramakis’ even with blue cheese!

menu, BrEAThe, Paris

We had the Brochette de seitan teryaki (7€) and Donburi (8,5€) as appetizers. And Uramaki Shizo sesame torrefié (9,50€) and the Uramaki Bleu (9,50€). A bottle of sparkling water was 5,50€.

Beautifully presented and delicious! Although rather small portions.

appetizers, BrEAThe, Paris
main dishes uramakis, BrEAThe, Paris

So food was OK, we had a nice lunch.

very original mirror in toilets 🙂 BrEAThe, Paris
very special toilet! BrEAThe, Paris – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, BrEAThe, Paris

That being said, we did find the restaurant a bit overrated and rather ‘hipster’. Tables are also VERY close together, not really relaxed. You could practically eat from the dish of the table next to you.
Plus, I don’t like staff that give you the impression that we should consider ourselves lucky that they seemingly ‘allow’ us to dine at their restaurant …

So all in all: nice food (small portions), a bit too hipster atmosphere.

BrEAThe, location

3, Rue Mandar
75002 Paris

website: https://www.breathe-restaurant.com/

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