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#133 Lunch at vegan brasserie 2eme Art, Paris

Restaurant review #133 – Brasserie 2eme Art is a vegan brasserie in the city center of Paris, in between the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou. We were here in June, when we were in Paris for a couple of days, before heading to Normandy.

Terrace at Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

Interior, Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

There is a large terrace in front of the brasserie. Tables are close next to each other though. Luckily, we were rather late for lunch, and there were not so many people on the terrace. It was blooming hot in Paris (nearly 40°C) and we were happy there were some umbrellas offering shade (inside was rather full when we arrived).
UPDATE — see below

This is part of the menu at Brasserie 2ème Art (there are also pizza’s available):
PS: the red glow is because we were sitting underneath a red umbrella 😉

menu (part) Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

For drinks we had fresh juice: one can choose fresh juices with different ingredientes, and I ordered carrot and apple (4,90€). A beer was 3,90€. Glass of wine 5€. We also were served free tap water (refilled even).
This is what we had for lunch. As an appetizer, we shared the duo of somosa’s (7€) These were good, although both tasted the same (I think we were supposed different ones?).
Then as a main we had the vegan cheeze burger (16,50€) and the kebab (12,80€).  Both came with fries and salad on the side.
The burger and kebab tasted good, although the cheeze burger didn’t contain a lot of cheeze. The kebab came in two wraps. Both mains were straightfoward no nonsense fastfood.

Fresh juice (4,90€) at Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

appetizer: duo of somosas (7€) at Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

Cheeze Burger (16,50€) at Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

Kebab (12,80€) at Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

We were stuffed and as it was also very hot, we didn’t fancy any desserts (several listed on menu).

Service at Brasserie 2ème Art was friendly, though a bit reserved and a bit slow.  Really uncomfortable terrace chairs though. Toilet was downstairs, and although clean, a bit worn down (the same goes for the interior of the bistro, although that’s maybe an authentic Parisian look 😉 ).

The food was good, no fancy gastronomical experience, but a straightforward fast food type lunch. All in all a bit expensive (but yes of course, it is PARIS after all 😉 .If we are ever in this area again, would surely drop in again for a quick lunch.

Brasserie 2ième Art, location
9 rue Montmartre,
Paris, 75002


UPDATE – Later called ‘Janine Loves Sunday’
– CLOSED 2020

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Toilet at Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

Terras Brasserie 2ème art, Paris

Many of the quais have been made pedestrian/bike areas. Really nice for a bike ride! Bridge over the Seine, Paris

biking with our tandem in Paris. At the Louvre


  1. This is their second location, right? I’ve only been to the first that has the full on look of a brasserie (with loads of brass). I loved that one.

    • Yes, I think it’s indeed the second one. We haven’t been to the first one. Still plenty to discover in Paris 🙂 Vegan options have increased so much the last couple of years!

    • Unfortunately, free tap water isn’t standard in a lot of places in Europe. In Belgium for example, it is a rarity (even asking for tap water will get you strange looks from the waiter 😉 and only expensive bottled water (like Spa, Evian, Perrier, ..) is served.

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