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#188 Lovely Indonesian dinner at Kapulága, Maastricht (NL)

restaurant review #188 Kapulága is an Indonesian restaurant in the city center of Maastricht, on the East side of the river Maas. We were here a couple of weeks ago for dinner, on a weekday. I had made a reservation for dinner, but that seemed not to be necessary, as we were the only guests.

Front of restaurant Kapulága, Maastricht

interior, Kapulága, Maastricht

There are plenty of Indonesian restaurants in The Netherlands (given the historical link with the country), but unfortunately they are a rarity in Belgium. So whenever we are in the Netherlands, we try to go to an Indonesian restaurant.

The menu at Kapulága lists many vegetarian options, of which most are vegan. When making the order, we asked specifically about the use of milk (no, they only use coconut milk) and the use of eggs and prawns (eg no kroepoek). The waitress was very friendly and seemed very knowledgeable. She offered us a menu, or a ricetable for two, with 8 different dishes. We opted for the rice table, with white and yellow rice (with coconut milk) on the side.

We were served some emping and cassave crackers with our drinks.

Kapulága, Maastricht

We did not have to wait long for dinner to be served:

rice table, several smaller dishes, Kapulága, Maastricht

with rice on the side, Kapulága, Maastricht

our dinner, Kapulága, Maastricht

a nice selection of different dishes, Kapulága, Maastricht

The food was very nice. Loved the variety! The dishes included tofu and tempeh, some dishes with peanut sauce, and several vegetables.
The ricetable for two was 53€, so 26,5€ per person.

The atmosphere was very quiet, as we were the only guests that evening. There was nice jazzy- blues music playing, not the traditional Indonesian musac that is mostly played at Indonesian restaurants.
Toilets are downstairs (steep stairs). Did not notice an accessible toilet. Toilets were clean and tidy.

interior, Kapulága, Maastricht

toilets at Kapulága, Maastricht

restaurant name sign inside, Kapulága, Maastricht

Overall: we had very nice dinner! Would love to visit Kapulága again if we ever get to Maastricht again!

Kapulága, location
Hoogbrugstraat 23a,
6221 CN Maastricht
043 – 7502588. Or during the day: 043 – 3261009


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city center Maastricht

city center Maastricht

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