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#187 Delicious dinner at vegetarian restaurant Rasoterra, Barcelona

restaurant review #187 – Rasoterra is a vegetarian restaurant in the old city center of Barcelona (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). It often pops up as one of the best places to go dining on vegan or vegetarian lists of Barcelona – or even the world! So we really wanted to visit Rasoterra.

interior, Rasoterra, Barcelona

front of restaurant, Rasoterra, Barcelona

I made a reservation when we passed by the day before, which was absolutely necessary, as many other patrons were turned away during the evening we were there.

We could choose between a menu, or choose our dishes seperately. The waiter informed us that the dishes are more tapas style, and suggested we order several smaller dishes, which were to share. A great idea! That way, one gets to taste more dishes than just a main course. There’s more variety.

part of menu, Rasoterra, Barcelona

This is what we had for dinner (this came down to 61€ for 6 courses, shared by two persons, or 30,5€ per person, which we found very reasonable!)

  • Free hummus appetizer
  • Croquettes with spinach (8€)
  • Trinxat potatoes (8€)
  • Autumn: sweet and purple potato and tempeh (12€)
  • Roasted Maitake mushroom (11€) delicious! (did keep me awake at night though!).
  • Curry of Jerusalem artichokes with silverbeets, romanesco and chickpeas (10€)
  • Dessert: ceviche of mango and pomegranate (6€) + chocolade truffels (6€) (only two vegan desserts)

All the dishes on the photos are shared by two:

free hummus appetizers, Rasoterra, Barcelona

croquettes with spinach, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Trinxat potatoes, Rasoterra, Barcelona

sweet and purple potato and tempeh, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Roasted Maitake mushroom, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Curry of Jerusalem artichokes with silverbeets, romanesco and chickpeas, Rasoterra, Barcelona

Dessert: ceviche of mango and pomegranate (6€) + chocolade truffels (6€), Rasoterra, Barcelona

Courses followed very quickly. Despite it being called slowfood, they actually came rather fast! This is something that we noticed in nearly all the restaurants that we frequented in Barcelona.

The waiter was very friendly (although his English was rather limited, he did say the word ‘spectacular’ in such a charming way, we now think of Rasoterra every time we hear the word 😉
Note: few of the wines on the wine list were vegan though.

The atmosphere at Rasoterra was nice, although when full, it did feel a bit crowded.
Rasoterra is not wheelchair accessible. There is one huge step to get in (it is in the old city center) and I did not see an accessible toilet. Toilets were at the back, rather small (and could use a bit of paint and renovation at the door post), but clean.

toilets at Rasoterra, Barcelona. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

at toilet door, Rasoterra, Barcelona

the counter, Rasoterra, Barcelona

All in all: we had a lovely dinner. Delicious! This certainly was one of our best experiences in Barcelona. If we ever get to Barcelona again, would definitely want to visit Rasoterra again to taste other dishes!

Rasoterra, location
Carrer Palau, 5
08002 Barcelona
+34 933186926


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logo on door Rasoterra, Barcelona

Slow Food, Rasoterra, Barcelona



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