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#131 Great buffet at Noordoever, Louvain (2)

restaurant review #131 – Noordoever is a new vegetarian restaurant in Louvain (opened in 2015). It is at the edge of the city, close to the docks and the old factories of beer brewing company Stella Artois. Noordoever actually means the North Shore, as it is indeed on the north shore of the docks. We already wrote a review about Noordoever here.
This review is from a visit in Spring of 2017, when we visited for lunch.

The surroundings: old factories at Vaartkom, Louvain

interior, Noordoever, Louvain

entrance, Noordoever, Louvain

The buffet is not all you can eat, but one pays per weight (if once compares that with other all you can eat buffet restaurants, that does make it more expensive). The buffet has a nice variety of dishes, some are vegetarian, but most are vegan, and the ingredients are clearly indicated.

buffet at Noordoever

buffet at Noordoever

This was our lunch:

lunch at Noordoever, Louvain (31,94€ for two dishes)

lunch at Noordoever, Louvain (31,94€ for two dishes)

drinks at Noordoever (3€ for lemonade and 4,50€ for the fresh juice), Louvain

icecream dessert at Noordoever (4€ each), Louvain

We paid a total of 47,44€ for lunch. All in all soemwhat expensive (also considering it is self service).
But we do like restaurant Noordoever a lot: it’s spacious, clean, nicely renovated and has a relaxed atmosphere, and the food is very nice.

Photo’s of the toilets (which were clean) at Noordoever can be found in our previous review (I like the cleverly found gender symbols at the door 😉 .

Vaartkom 17A,




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entrance Noordoever, Louvain

interior Noordoever, Louvain

Monument (and playground) DUIK at the docks near Noordoever, Louvain

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