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#371 Nice fastfood – but slow – lunch at Veganlicious, Breda (NL)

restaurant review #371 – This is from a visit to Veganlicious in the foodhall of Breda (NL) a couple of weeks ago. 🌿🌿 Unfortunately Veganlicious has meanwhile closed 😔.

Foodhall, Breda (NL)
Veganlicious at Foodhall Breda (NL)
menu, Veganlicious at Foodhall Breda (NL)

Nice foodhall, very relaxed atmosphere, and nice music (lots of 80’s classics 😁). And accoustics were OK (it wasn’t full though). We’ve been in other foodhalls where it was so loud one could hardly talk to each other. But this was relaxed.

When we arrived, 12.30 Veganlicious was still closed, although according to google it opens at noon? On the website it says 13 though, so we waited and had some drinks.

View from Foodhall Breda (NL)

So then ordered at 13, and by the time we could eat it was well passed 13.30. Which was a bit long.
Food was OK. The roti wrap (10,99€) was more a dough-like pancake. Kapsalon (13,99€) and 3 sate pieces (7,50€) were fine.
Very friendly.

Kapsalon at Veganlicious at Foodhall Breda (NL)
sate at Veganlicious at Foodhall Breda (NL)
roti Veganlicious at Foodhall Breda (NL)

Foodhall is accessible (small lift on left next to stairs). Didnt see an accessible toilet though. Toilets were OK (hand blower to dry hands, which I don’t like …).

washing sinks at Foodhall Breda (NL) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Veganlicious, location CLOSED MARCH 2023

Reigerstraat 24
48 11 X Breda

the Netherlands

website: https://www.veganlicious-nl.nl/

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