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#373 Art quilts and art kitchen, Lunch at Kunstküche, Krefeld (GER)

restaurant review #373 – We had a nice lunch at vegan restaurant Kunstküche at the end of 2022. We were in Krefeld to visit the gallery of quilt artist Claudia Pfeil. Lovely work! (see my Tiktok video here).

studio of Claudia Pfeil, Krefeld, Germany. Read about her project ‘Piece for Peace’ with quilts for Ukrain here
art quilt by Claudia Pfeil, quilt studio Krefeld, Germany

Very fitting to have lunch at a restaurant called ‘Kunstküche’ (art kitchen).

On the corner, Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany)
Interior, Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany)

Had the Donner and the Gyrostasche, each 6,90 €. Fries on the side (3,50€). Despite us being the 1st patrons (and for most time the only ones) it took more than half an hour for the food to be served, which was a rather long wait.

menu, December 2022, Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany)

Rather small place. Not wheelchair accessible (several steps to get in).

interior, Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany)
toilet at Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany) was a bit shabby – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Took some cupcakes 🧁🧁🧁 home with us. It wasn’t easy getting them home in one piece just wrapped in paper, but we just managed 😊

cupcakes, Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany)
cupcakes from Kunstküche, Krefeld (Germany)

Gave them a Happy Cow sticker. Hope they put it up!

All in all: We had a nice lunch. Fairly cheap.

Kunstküche, location

Gartenstraße 21
47798 Krefeld

website: https://www.kunstkueche.eu/

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