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#202 Quick vegan bite on the terrace at Greenway, Antwerp (2)

restaurant review #202 – Greenway is a Belgian vegetarian brand (restaurants and products) and was founded in the mid nineties. There are three Greenway restaurants in Belgium: in Ghent (it’s been ages since I was there!), in Louvain and in Antwerp. There’s also a Greenway foodstall at the train station of Gare du Midi, where we had a nice lunch before boarding on the Eurostar to London (previous reviews of Greenway here).
In 2018, Greenway announced that all it’s restaurants would become fully vegan!

This is from a visit to Greenway in Antwerp, at the beginning of Summer.

front of Greenway with terrace, Antwerp

Counter, Greenway, Antwerp

The menu is on a board above the counter. One goes order at the counter, and then the food is brough to your table.

part of menu (June 2018), Greenway, Antwerp

part of menu (June 2018), Greenway, Antwerp

menu on boards above the counter, (June 2018), Greenway, Antwerp

We had a kebab wrap and a meat lovers burger. The potato wedges were sold out, so we got some tortilla chips.
Afterwards we had a brownie with coffee.
To my surprise, there was still an option for cow milk (although Greenway announced that all restos are vegan since April 2018).

burger, Greenway, Antwerp

wrap, Greenway, Antwerp

tortilla chips, Greenway, Antwerp

brownie, and coffee, Greenway, Antwerp

The food was nice, although I didn’t really fancy the burger (more a patty than a burger).

There is a very spacious terrace in front, and inside is also spacious (lots of room in the back).  Toilet was clean.
The restaurant itself is not accessible: a couple of steps to get in the restaurant. The chairs and tables on the terrace are very high.

Toilets at Greenway, Antwerp. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, Greenway, Antwerp

As it was a lovely Summer day, we were seated at the terrace. Greenway is located at the Groenplaats, which is also traditionally a place . And unfortunately we saw the place live up to its reputation, as a fight escalated and police came to intervene.

All in all: we had a nice quick snack, before heading of to a concert at the Sportpaleis, at the edge of the city.

Groenplaats 6
2000 Antwerpen


See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

front of Greenway, Antwerp

view at city hall from Groenplaats

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