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VIDEO Ableism, ageism and speciesism, presentation IARC 2018, Geertrui Cazaux

I attended the 8th International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg at the beginning of September. A very inspirational weekend, being together with activists from many different countries and attending many presentations on a broad variety of topics (program here).

I gave a presentation about ableism, ageism and speciesism. The presentation is now up on Youtube on VeganKanal. The slides from the presentation are inlcuded. I added English subtitles to the video.
Interested in hearing your feedback!

The video does not include the introduction. In which I gave (among other things) an overview of the presentation:
Intro: definitions and examples
1) intersections and interconnections between ableism, ageism and speciesism
2) how to reach disabled, older people
3) points to take into account to be an inclusive movement


ready to give the presentation, IARC, Luxembourg






  1. Heide says

    Well done, Trudi! I could only watch a few minutes right now but was VERY impressed. I will bookmark this to finish tonight … and I’m sure I will continue to be impressed! 🙂 Hope you were pleased with how it went. Congratulations!

    • Thank you. I was a bit nervous. As I also said in the intro (not included) it was my first presentation in nearly ten years (in English no less).
      But glad with how it went, and the feedback I got!

      • Heide says

        I didn’t think you seemed very nervous at all, Trudi — which is especially impressive given how long it had been since your last presentation. BRAVA!

  2. 123nele says

    Dag Trudi, ik vond dit heel interessant, veel bijgeleerd uit je lezing. Danku om de video te posten. Gr!

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