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Sexism and male privelege in the movement, Lisa Kemmerer at IARC

I attended the 8th International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg at the beginning of September. A very inspirational weekend, being together with activists from many different countries and attending many presentations on a broad variety of topics (program here).

I found the presentation by Lisa Kemmerer on ‘Sexism and Male Pivilege among vegan activists‘ the highlight of the Conference.ย Lisa Kemmerer is a philosopher-activist working on behalf of nonhuman animals, the environment, and disempowered human beings. I first got to know of her work through the book ‘Sister Species. Women, animals and social justice‘.

Holding up the book. Book cover has part of a female thigh on the left, with arms and hand stretched over it, and a featherless chicken's body on the right, with the wing stretched over it.

Sister Species. Women, animals and social justice. Edited by Lisa Kemmerer (2011).
Haven’t read all the contributions yet, but as they are all seperate chapters, it’s a good book to pick up in between.

This is the presentation from Lisa Kemmerer at the IARC 2018. “This talk explores the phenomenon of sexism and male privilege in activist organizations, with a focus on anymal activism, examining causes, manifestations, harms, and solutions.”
(and on a sidenote, I was quite taken by surprise to suddenly see my face in there too ๐Ÿ˜‰ around 25min mark).

Here’s a souvenier from the IARC Luxembourg:

I also gave a presentation at the IARC on ‘Ableism, Ageism and speciesism‘ – Geertrui Cazaux.


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