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About vegan turkey and voiceless animals. Geertrui Cazaux (IARC 2019)

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the 9th International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. This conference is held every year at the beginning of September. I attended for the first time in 2018, and then gave a presentation about ableism and ageism in the movement.
This year I gave a presentation about Representation of other animals. About vegan turkey and voiceless animals.

Representations of other animals in images, cultural objects and in our language often reflect the dominant speciesist ideology. At the same time, those cultural expressions also shape the way we perceive other animals and can entrench that speciesist ideology even further. What repercussions does this have for the representations we use in vegan and animal rights activism?

As a teaser: here are some of the images that I showed in the presentation:

vegan turkey

Lego butcher toy with pig

Holograms of elephants used in circus

screenshot of newspaper article: titel: Veggie discs to replace veggie burger in EU crackdown of foodlabels.

The video from my presentation (and many other presentations from the conference) is up on VeganKanal.
I will try to add English subtitles to it asap.

It was again a very inspirational weekend, being together with activists from many different countries and attending many presentations on a broad variety of topics (program here).

International Animal Rights Conference
Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur Alzette, Luxembourg
September 5-8, 2019


More impressions from the conference in this album on my Facebook:



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