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About vegan turkey and voiceless animals. Geertrui Cazaux (IARC 2019)

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the 9th International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. This conference is held every year at the beginning of September. I attended for the first time in 2018, and then gave a presentation about ableism and ageism in the movement. This year I gave a presentation about Representation of other animals. About vegan turkey and voiceless animals.

#181 Vegan dinner at Teresa Carles, Barcelona

restaurant review #181 – Teresea Carles is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Barcelona. We went here for dinner a couple of months ago. Teresa Carles has several locations (not all vegetarian), and sell several products under the name (Teresa Carles olive oil, juices, ..) so it is more than just a restaurant, but a ‘brand’. I had made a reservation online, and we were seated at a table with my name card present (see photo). On one side seating was a large bench, on the other side a wooden chair (both not so comfortable). There are several juices available. I had the vegan vampire juice (5,95€) and it came bottled (you can also buy it at the front of the restaurant, to take away). Water was 1,95€. Vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu. This is what we ordered for dinner (both main dishes were specials of the month). We shared the bruchette as an appetizer. Bruchetta with ‘tuna’ (7,95€) Freak & Do: seitan with fricando sauce (12,50€) Popeye lasagne: spinach, pumkin …