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#201 Vegan pizza in the city center of Ostend, Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s (NOTE!)

restaurant review #201 – Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s is a restaurant in the city center of Ostend, just a two minute walk from the main shopping street and the central square Wapenplein. It is just around the corner of the Fishers’ square (Vissersplein). If I remember correctly, there used to be a shop here that sold party costumes, theater and carnaval attributes (was it called De Schaar?).
Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s is a family run restaurant, which – the name gives it away 😉 serves mainly pizzas and pasta! This review is from a visit at the beginning of August, when I visited the restaurant alone.
However – see NOTE at the bottom (update January 2020)

Front of Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend

chalkboard in front of Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend (August 2018)

There were several vegetarian options indicated on menu, and some options can be made vegan (with leaving out the cheese). The crust was said to be vegan (e-mail conformation August 2017) (however – see update below)

part of menu, Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend

all pizzas can be made vegetarian (and some vegan), Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend

I asked which pizza she recommened as a vegan pizza, and was suggested the pizza Poppy’s, but without the dairy cheese. I took the medium version (14€)
The pizza came loaded with fresh vegetables:

vegan pizza with loads of vegetables (medium, 14€), Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend

Although this was a medium pizza, I could not finish it!
It was topped with a nice selection of vegetables, but I would have liked them to be grilled some more. Some of the vegetables were nearly raw (so those of you who fancy a raw food diet will apreciate this 😉 ). It was certainly filling, although I did miss some vegan cheese, or maybe nutritional yeast on top.

There are two restaurant rooms at Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, so it’s quite a large place. There is no terrace (a pity, it was a beautiful Summer day).
Toilets are in the back. The restaurant is not accessible (steps to get in – no accessible toilet).

toilet at Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend

Glass jar with dried wheat. Counter in the back. Text on jar reads: Enjoy the simple things in life.

decoration on table, Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, Ostend

Great to have another place in Ostend where vegans are welcome. The owner said they are considering adding more vegan option to the menu in the future*, possibly from the Fall of 2018. If they do, will surely visit again!

September 2018, vegan chees! , Pizza & Pasta Poppy’s, OstendUpdate: *Note: a couple of weeks ago, in September 2018, I passed the restaurant, and the chalkboard outside the restaurant did mention vegan cheese now!

UPDATE 2020/01: several reports on social media that the pizza crust is NOT vegan. Told by the restaurant staff to visitors. I tried verifying with the restaurant (mail & phone) but got no reply.

Pizza and Pasta Poppy’s, location
Sint-Franciscusstraat 16
8400 Oostende


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