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#107 Nice lunch at vegetarian restaurant Noordoever, Louvain

Restaurant review #107 – Noordoever is a new place at the edge of Louvain, on the north side (opened in 2015). It is close to the docks and the old factories of beer brewing company Stella Artois.

Noordoever, Louvain

Noordoever, Louvain

docks, Louvain

docks & factories on the north, Louvain

Noordoever, Louvain

interior Noordoever, Louvain

The area around Noordoever is nicely renovated, with new appartments and a nice open space for events and get togethers next to the docks.
Restaurant Noordoever is a nice spacious place, with large windows and as such very bright. It’s a lovely decor. Some chairs have cushions, which is nice and comfortable. There is also a seperate room for meetings or group lunch.

You cannot order a la carte, but there is a buffet with loads of options to choose from. Noordoever is a vegetarian restaurant, but most dishes at the buffet were vegan, which was clearly indicated next to the dishes (also with the ingredients of the dish). The buffet normally starts at 12 o clock, but it was was more like 12.15 when the buffet was ready and all dishes were presented and we could start lunch.
For drinks we had a fresh juice (4,50€) and a homemade limonade (3,50€). The buffet is not all you can eat, but pay per weight. We paid 30,44€ for the two plates.

Fresh juices, Noordover, Louvain

Fresh juice (4,50€) and homemade lemonade (3,50€), Noordover, Louvain

buffet, Noordoever, Louvain

buffet, Noordoever, Louvain

buffet, Noordoever, Louvain

buffet, Noordoever, Louvain

lunch at Noordoever, Louvain

lunch at Noordoever, Louvain

For dessert there were cakes, brownies and vegan icecream (from heppie cow). The coffee came with a nice chocolate (yes it is vegan!) and was 2,80€. we had an icecream from heppie cow (4€) and a piece of carrot chocolate cake (4,50€) but that was very heavy (and expensive).

desserts, icecream, Noordoever, Louvain

icecream at Noordoever, Louvain

coffee and desserts, Noordeoever, Louvain

our coffee and desserts, Noordoever, Louvain

Our lunch in total was 54,24€.  Not so cheap, also considering it is self-service (you pick a plate, choose from the buffet, order you drink at the counter and pay at the counter. and afterwards put your plate away). Toilets were clean and tidy, and there was a good functioning hand blowing dryer. Loved the gender indications on the door wall.

Noordoever is a very nice addition to Louvain and we defintely want to visit again! I wish we would get such a place in Bruges!

Some more photos of Noordoever:

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Noordoever, location
Vaartkom 17A,





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our lunch at Noordoever, Louvain

our lunch at Noordoever, Louvain. These two dishes were 30,44€

toilets at Noordoever, clean and tidy

toilets at Noordoever, clean and tidy

Noordoever, gender indications on doors of toilets

Noordoever, gender indications on doors of toilets


  1. Looks and sounds very good. We used to go to a veg restaurant in Fuengirola that did a very good all you can eat buffet. Two main courses and loads of salads and breads. Like N, there was no a la carte at lunchtime, just the buffet. The restaurant was usually packed.

  2. The Food looks really delicious! The price is a little bit too high but if I consider all the work, effort, etc. is behind creating this special buffet, I would say it is worth the price. Love it 🙂

  3. Diana says

    2,95€/100grams is quite expensive if you compare it with the price of Lekker Gec (same concept of pay per weight, at 2€ + 1,69€/100 grams).
    Maybe worth a visit if we’re in the area, but I’m not sure I’d drive to Leuven just to taste it at that price.

    • Indeed more expensive. On the other hand, I found the variety of the buffet (and the desserts), the venue (interior, space, bright, modern) and accessibility much better at Noordoever, than at Lekker Gec.

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