#106 Nice dinner and service at Xu’s Cooking, Vienna

Restaurant Review #106. This is the last restaurant review from our visit to Vienna in Austria last Summer. Here’s an overview of all the restaurants we visited in Vienna.
Xu’s Cooking is a vegetarian Taiwanese restaurant on the edge of city center of Vienna. It is a spacious place, with a terrace outside. The interior did ooze a bit of a somber and outdated atmosphere though.

Xu's Cooking, Vienna
interior Xu’s Cooking, Vienna

Xu’s Cooking has a buffet at lunch time, but we were here for dinner. There is a very extensive menu list. Most dishes are vegan (non-vegan dishes are labelled with a *). There are a lot of dishes with mock meats and ‘fish’. Not being used to so much variety on a menu list any more, it was hard to choose!

menu, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
menu, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna

This is what we had:

fresh orange juice, 3,50€, Xu’s Cooking. Bottle of water was 5€.
Soup, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
Hühnersuppe (‘chicken’ soup), 2,90€, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna
starter, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
starter: Hühnerkeulen (‘chicken’ legs), 3,80€, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna
main dish, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
main dish, baked ‘shrimps’, 9,90€, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna
main dish, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
main dish, Knus ente Gemüse (crispy ‘duck’ with deep fried vegetables), Xu’s Cooking, Vienna
with noodles, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
with noodles 3,90€, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna
and with fried rice, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
and with fried rice, 3,90€, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna

We were too stuffed for desserts, but were served some banana balls and hot drinks anyway!

dessert, Xu's Cooking, Vienna
dessert, Xu’s Cooking, Vienna

A very enjoyable dining out experience. Although I am no fan of labelling and especially shaping vegan foods as ‘fish’ or ‘chicken’ (I understand it lowers the treshold for people wanting to try vegan dishes, but I also think it perpetuates the objectifying view on animals, seeing them as ‘edible parts’), the food in itself was nice.
Service was also friendly and swift, and although the interior was a bit depressing and dull, everything seemed clean (toilets also, forgot to take a pic though).
Would definitely visit this place again!

Xu’s Cooking, location
Kaiserstraße 45
1070 Vienna
+43 – (0)1 – 523 10 91





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    1. totally agree, Sue-would never eat vegan food that looks and tastes like meat,fish.Apart from the fact that I find it off-putting,it somehow reinforces the idea that animal body parts are something we miss out on!

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