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#149 Lovely dinner in Primrose Hill: vegan resto Manna, London

restaurant review #149 – Manna is a vegan restaurant in London and has recently celebrated it’s 50th anniversary! It is located just north of Primrose Hill, where one has a lovely view over the city (see photos below). After a steep walk uphill (in my case a roll, which went much better downhill than up 😉 ),  we went for some drinks to a nearby pub, and then had dinner at Manna.
It is actually also very close to Camden, so it could easily be combined with a trip to Camden market.

Front of Manna, London

lighting on ceiling, Manna, London

interior, Manna, London

menu, Manna, London

We had some drinks. All wines were said to be vegan (also mentioned on the menu card).

Vegan wine, Manna, London

This is what we had for dinner:

  • basil ceshew cheeze croquettes (£8)
  • vegetable tempura (£8)
  • bangers and mash (£14)
  • chef’s special: nut roast (£14)
  • mezze dessert: cheesecake, sticky coffee pudding, raw timbal tart, and sorbets and icecream (£23 for two)

Vegetable tempura (£8) Manna, London

basil cashew ‘cheeze’ croquettes £8) Manna, London

the inside of the ‘cheeze’ croquettes, Manna, London

nut roast (£14), Manna, London

bangers and mash (£14), Manna, London

Although we were quite stuffed, we didn’t want to miss out on dessert and ordered the mezze dessert (shared platter for two).
We got this. OMG!

Mezze dessert (£23), Manna, London

Service was very friendly and courses followed quite swiftely.

The food was very good. Would have been nice to get a small appetizer with the drinks (aperitive). The starters and main dishes were large portions (way too much for me).  It’s not fine gastronomic dining, but the dishes are original and varied. And nice to see veganised versions of traditional dishes like bangers and mash and nut roast (which I would have like to be more like a ‘roast’).

Manna is not really a big restaurant and the place soon filled up. Tables are quite small, but luckily they didn’t fill up the place with tables and chairs, and there’s room to breath and move around. Chairs are quite uncomfy though (hard wooden chairs, no cushions).
There was one table with about 6-7 patrons who were pretty loud though (I think they had a bit too much to drink), which dominated the atmosphere in the restaurant.  After they were gone, its was so much quieter and relaxed.
Nice decor, with lovey wallpaper.

Toilets are downstairs, clean and tidy, although a bit outdated.

toilets at Manna, London. Clean, although a bit outdated.

Wall paper, Manna, London

counter, Manna, London

All in all: we had a lovely dinner at Manna. Great value for money. And all vegan! Recommended and definitely want to visit again to taste other creations of the chef!

Manna, location
4 Erskine Road,
Primrose Hill,
London NW3 3AJ


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Some pics from the view on London, from Primorse Hill:

view on London, Primrose Hill

BT Tower etc, view on London, Primrose Hill

view on London, Primrose Hill

At the entrance of Primrose park, we saw these bins for ‘dog waste’. they didn’t look much used…

bin for dog waste, Primrose Park, London

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