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#41 Indonesian ricetable at hotel/resto Opduin, De Koog (Texel, NL) ***

Restaurant review #41 – Texel is an island north west of Amsterdam. There are only a handfull of small villages on Texel, but the island is very touristic, so there are quite a lot of hotels and restaurants. Not that much options for vegans though. In another blogpost, I’ll give our vegan view on Texel, and places where you can have a vegan meal (and also some restaurants that replied they can’t fullfill our vegan needs).

We were at Texel for the weekend, and on one of those days, we dined at restaurant Opduin in De Koog, a very small town on the west side of the island.

Every Saturday evening, restaurant Opduin serves an Indonesian rice table (besides the regular menu). I had inquired in advance if we could get a vegan Indonesian ricetable (explaining what we do and don’t eat) and got confirmation. So we made a reservation.

restaurant Opduin, De Koog, interior

restaurant Opduin, De Koog, interior

When arriving at the restaurant, the waitress said she was told it would be difficult to get a vegan ricetable. Duh? I told her I had gotten confirmation beforehand and asked her to check with the kitchen. She returned from the kitchen and then said it was no problem. I wonder if this was a manouver to send us away afterall, because maybe they considered us too much work? Or just a matter of miscommunication? Anyway, it didn’t seem a problem from then on.

We weren’t asked whether we wanted a menu or just the ricetable as a main course, but apparanetly they had in mind we wanted a full menu, since we were served a soup, a main course and a dessert! Which we didn’t mind 😉

Here’s what we got:

soup with mango on the side

vegetable soup with mango on the side

Indonesian ricetable

Indonesian ricetable

a little bit of everything

which gives you a little bit of everything on your plate

mango sorbet with bananas and caramel sauce

mango sorbet with bananas and caramel sauce

A nice dinner. Soup was a bit flavourless though.
We had a different opinion about the variety of the ricetable. I would have liked more vegetables (for example sweet and sour or gado gado – with peanut sauce), Jim was happy with the big chunks of tofu. The tofu (marinated in two different sauces) had a texture I had not seen many times before, more resembling the structure of seitan. There was also a dish with tempeh.
Menu totalled 34,5€, which we think was a fair price (for soup + ricetable + dessert).

The restaurant is very spacious, with a lot of light and a relaxed atmposphere. Comfy chairs.
If you want a vegan menu at restaurant Opduin, you defintely need to ask it in advance, as there are no vegan dishes standardly on the menu.

Restaurant Opduin, location
De Koog, Texel
the Netherlands
website: http://www.opduin.nl/
+31 (0)222 317 445

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

terrace at restaurant Opduin

terrace at restaurant Opduin


  1. Too bad I didn’t know you were coming; I live on Texel!!! And I could have provided a much better and free dinner 😉 When you visit the island again, please let me know so we can hang out. I never go out for a meal on the island, so it was nice to hear that there are, if not just a few, options. Thanks.

  2. I thought about you when we passed vegetable gardens (maybe one of those was yours!), and I remember a post when you said you can grow more ‘salty’ vegetables than we can (was it zeekraal, or something else), although we have a slightly more warmer climate (more southern).
    Thanks for the invitation, we’ll keep it in mind 🙂

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