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#96 Lovely dinner at raw vegan restaurant Nama Foods, London (UK)

Restaurant review #96 – Nama Foods is a raw vegan restaurant in the city of center of London. It is located in one of the quieter streets of Notting Hill.

Interior, Nama Foods, London

Interior (the counter on the ground floor), Nama Foods, London

After after having spent all day at Vegfest London on Saturday, we phoned to make a reservation and shortly afterwards headed to the restaurant. We were seated upstairs which is the ground level (there’s also a downstairs in the basement)
We didn’t order an appetizer because we had already tasted several lovely vegan foods at VegFest.

Update  – see below

For drinks we had a glass of (vegan of course) prosecco (£7) and a freshly pressed juice ‘Internal radiance’ (carrot, orange, peer, lemon, turmeric, sea buckthorn oil) (£6). We ordered the vegan sushi (£14) and a specialty of the day being a terrine (14,50).


Drinks: two glasses of Prosecco Giol (£7 each), Fresh juice ‘Internal Radiance (£6) and water for free.


terrine £14,50

vegan sushi £14

vegan sushi £14

The desserts looked very appetising so we could not resist. We had the pie of the day and the hazelnut moccha torte (each £7,50) and a capuciono (£3,2).

pie and coffee

Hazel Nut moccha torte £7,50 and pie of the day £7,50 and a capuccino £3,20

All the food was presented very nicely and tasted very good!
The staff was very friendly and welcoming too. There was one toilet in the back, it was clean and tidy. The only thing that wasn’t quite to our liking was the trendy lounge music 😉

Overall: we really enjoyed our dinner. A bit on the expensive side, but considering it’s the city center of London, and raw vegan, good value for money (total £75,04)
Would love to visit Nama Foods again when in London!



Nama Foods, location
110 Talbot Road
London, UK
W11 1JR
+44 (0)  207 313 4638

Update: closed end of March 2018.


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Our dinner at Nama Foods, London

Our dinner at Nama Foods, London

toilet at nama Foods, clean and tidy

toilet at nama Foods, clean and tidy

free water, Nama Foods, London

free water, Nama Foods, London



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