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#97 – Taiwanese dinner at veggie resto Vegetasia, Vienna. A bit of a bummer

Restaurant review #97 – Vegetasia is a vegetarian restaurant in Vienna. We visited Vegetasia earlier this year, during a short stay in Austria’s capital (see other reviews from our trip to Vienna).

Vegetasia, Vienna

Vegetasia, Vienna

Vegetasia has a very extensive menu, with lots of ‘mock meat’ dishes (duck, chicken, ..). It was hard to choose. We have seen this restaurant being called a vegan restaurant on several fora, but there are still desserts with cow’s milk on the menu.

Menu at Vegetasia, Vienna

Menu at Vegetasia, Vienna

Menu at Vegetasia, Vienna

Menu at Vegetasia, Vienna

This is what we ordered: corn creme soup with ‘crab’ pieces (4,50€), fried seaweed (5€). Main dishes Te pan yaki with soy (13€) and mock duck with mushrooms (13,50€), both served with white rice. Sparkling water (33cL) was 3,90€ and a glass of lemon soda 3,50€.

Corn creme soup with 'crab' pieces (4,50€)

Corn creme soup with ‘crab’ pieces (4,50€)

fried seaweed (5€)

Te pan yaki with soy (13€)

Te pan yaki with soy (13€)

mock duck with mushrooms (13,50€)

mock duck with mushrooms (13,50€)

The soup was very disappointing. It was quite tasteless, and had only some miniscule ‘crab’ pieces. The algae were not really fried. The mock duck was a large portion. It was nice, but after a couple of slices, it became rather monotone to eat. The tipan dish was nice, but not overwhelming.

The interior is really modern, but the atmosphere felt cold (although it was a really hot evening in Vienna!) and sterile. Not cosy at all. Service was very variable: the girl that occasionally served us was very friendly, the guy who took our order apparently could not get a smile on his face and hardly said a word. His service felt as cold as the interior. We had a lon wait for our main dishes. It also took more than 15 minutes between asking for our bill (and that was already long after we finished our meal), and eventuelly getting it, that was really annoying.

It was a nice dinner, and it is not really expensive (considering it’s Vienna), but the unfriendly atmosphere and unimpressive starters made us leave rather disappointed.



Vegetasia, location
Ungargasse 57,
1030 Wien
01 / 71 38 332


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Interior, Vegetasia, Vienna

Interior, Vegetasia, Vienna



  1. Looks like an extensive menu and on the face of it, potentially good. Shame you were disappointed. Was the mock duck seitan? I think mock duck is a stupid title.

    • Yes, the menu was really extensive, but overall it was a disappointing experience. I can’t really remember whether it was seitan or soy. I think soy.

    • It wasn’t such a nice experience.
      Yes, indeed nearly 100 resto reviews. I’m thinking of doing something special for the occasion 😉

  2. Sometimes I think a really long menu can be more of a hindrance than a help – better to have a few dishes and do them really well. It’s a shame it wasn’t that great, but the mock duck certainly looks amazing!

    • Agreed. And anyway, we aren’t used anymore to having such an extensive menu to choose from. Mostly we just have the one or two vegan options 😉

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