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#126 In Flanders Fields: Water en Vuur, Diksmuide (2)

Restaurant review #126 – Water & Vuur in Diksmuide is a restaurant at the foot of the IJzertoren (Flemish peace monument) in Diksmuide (48km from Bruges). The restaurant is situated in a renovated cargo boat, on the banks of the IJzer (Yser). During World War I, the front was mainly situated along the banks of the Yser. 2km from the restaurant, you can visit the ‘Dodengang‘ (Trenches of Death), with galleries and trenches in which soldiers fought during WWI. Water & Vuur is 23km from Ypres.

IJzertoren, Diksmuide

We’ve been to Water & Vuur several times over the years, and there’s already a previous review on our blog here. This review is from a recent visit in Spring of 2017.

Water & Vuur, boat in the IJzer, Diksmuide

interior, Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

Porthole, Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

Water en Vuur literally translates as ‘Water and Fire’. It is not a vegan restaurant, but standardly has some vegan options, like seitan stew. The fries are baked in plant based oil.
We know from previous visits that portions are rather big, so we didn’t order an appetizer. We were served this amuse gueule with our drinks, which was nice:

amuse gueule , Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

Drinks, Orval (4€) and bottle of water (6€). (the wine was said to be organic, but the waitress didn’t know whether it was vegan or not).

Grilled seitan (20€), Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

Stew with seitan (19€), Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

With fries for the two of us, Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

The food was great. Always nicely presented, with local flowers on top.  The menu has not really changed over the years (we’ve had the seitan stew on several occasions before), but given that it is prepared with vegetables from the specific season, the ingredients do vary over time.

Service is always correct but rather ‘reserved’. During previous visits we have had several very long waits, but this time our food followed shortly after ordering (we did arrive just at opening time and were one of the first customers). Toilet is in the back and was clean. It has quite an industrial cold metal look, fitting with the history of the setting (but also a door that slams really hard, so watch out with that!).
Keep in mind that the restaurant room is downstairs inside the boat, (metal stairs going down ) and might be inaccessible for people with mobility problems. There’s also a terrace on the upper deck (also with stairs).

Terrace on upper deck, Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

All in all: a delicious and voluminous meal, in a nice and special setting. A nice way to end our cycling afternoon in the area.

Water en Vuur, location
IJzerdijk 48
8600 Diksmuide
+32 498 56 55 55



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Toilet, Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

interior, stairs to enter the restaurant,  Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

Water & Vuur, Diksmuide

Along the Yser, Diksmuide

Cycling route in the area, with WWI theme

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