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#257 Nice lunch at vegan restaurant BEO Versbar, Ghent

restaurant review #257 – Restaurant BEO Versbar is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Ghent, near the Belfry (see update below). The restaurant is at the back of the BEO Versmarkt (an organic shop – selling organic produce – lots of stuff in bulk too). The shop BEO Versmarkt is not all vegan, but the restaurant BEO Versbar is (PS: ‘Vers’ means ‘fresh’, so using fresh produce).
We were here a couple of weeks ago, at the end of Summer.

Counter, BEO Versbar, Ghent

entrance of BEO Versmakt and BEO Versbar, Ghent

We were confused though with the mention of ‘toast with eggs’ on the menu (and no mention of it being a 100% vegan resto anywhere on the menu), and double checked with staff. The owner reassured us that, ‘yes, everything is vegan, the toast is with an egg replacer!’ BEO Versbar doesn’t mention vegan on the menu because this reportedly could scare clients (non-vegans) away. But on the other hand, it almost made us leave as we thought it was all – or nearly all vegetarian instead of vegan. So I would definitely prefer to see a more explicit mention of it being all vegan.

Menu on board next to counter, BEO Versbar, Ghent

Menu at BEO Versbar, Ghent

BEO Versbar, Ghent

We had a soup of the day (pumpkin soup 4,50€), toast with eggs, tahini and za’atar (9€), some potato wedges on the side (4,20€) and the raw lasagne (15,50€). A fresh juice and a glass of wine (wine is vegan too). Didn’t have to wait long for our drinks and food.
It all tasted delicious. The raw lasagne was rather heavy with a lot of olive tapenade though. The egg on the toast resembled scrambled egg (texture and taste), and was nice.
There are about half a dozen cakes to choose from for dessert. We shared a carrot cake with cashew cream. Yummie.

Fresh juice, BEO Versbar, Ghent

Soup of the day, and potato wedges BEO Versbar, Ghent

Toast with scrambled ‘eggs’, BEO Versbar, Ghent

raw lasagne, BEO Versbar, Ghent

carrot cake, BEO Versbar, Ghent

The atmosphere is quite nice. Modern bright decor, spacious, lost of wood. Accoustic not so good though (also noise from the shop).

Plus points for being fully accessible (accessible toilet too, clean)!

Toilet at BEO Versbar, Ghent, Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Lol. Poster in toilet about the use of toilet brush, BEO Versbar, Ghent

Interior (this photo is from an earlier – very brief – visit in Feb 2019).

BEO Versbar also participates in the project Enchanté, a network of shops, restaurants and bars, in which participants offer a small service to those in need, like homeless persons. At BEO Versbar, one can contribute by paying a soup, or meal or drink for a person in need. A great initiative.

Project Enchanté, BEO Versbar, Ghent

Afterwards we bought some nuts from the shop. See photos below to get an impression from BEO Versmarkt, the organic shop (not vegan though).

We really enjoyed our lunch at BEO Versbar!

BEO Versbar, location
Heilige-Geeststraat 30,
9000 Gent
0468 01 51 04

UPDATE 2021: is now called Knol & Kool: https://www.knolkool.be/

website: https://www.beo-markt.be/nl/beobar

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cakes at the counter, BEO Versbar, Ghent

Interior, BEO Versbar, Ghent

Some photos from the adjacent BEO Versmakt, the organic shop in the same building as BEO Versbar.

BEO Versmarkt, Ghent

BEO Versmarkt, Ghent

BEO Versmarkt, Ghent

front, BEO Versmarkt, Ghent

interior, BEO Versmarkt, Ghent

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