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#257 Nice lunch at vegan restaurant BEO Versbar, Ghent

restaurant review #257 – Restaurant BEO Versbar is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Ghent, near the Belfry (see update below). The restaurant is at the back of the BEO Versmarkt (an organic shop – selling organic produce – lots of stuff in bulk too). The shop BEO Versmarkt is not all vegan, but the restaurant BEO Versbar is (PS: ‘Vers’ means ‘fresh’, so using fresh produce). We were here a couple of weeks ago, at the end of Summer.

#74 Nice dinner at vegan restaurant Markies de Salade, Deurle ***

Restaurant review #74 – Markies de Salade opened in the Fall of 2015. It started out as a raw vegan restaurant, but now also serves regular ‘hot’ vegan dishes. Their dishes are ‘plantbased’ and glutenfree, without wheat, lactose, dairy and free from refined sugars (their FB page states they don’t serve soy, but there are now dishes with soy). All ingredients of each dish are listed on the menu. Markies de Salade is in Deurle, which is a 10 minute car ride from Ghent (and 45 km from Bruges). The restaurant is along the road between Ghent and Deinze, so it’s an easy ride and not hard to find. It is a bit of a peculiar ride though, as sections of this road are also well know for its ‘red lights’, which can also be spotted from the restaurant itself. — Update — see below We went to Markies de Salade a couple of weeks ago, to celebrate our 26th anniversary. We were there on a weekday evening, but to be sure we made a reservation. When we arrived there, there was only one other couple dining …