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#348 Nice lunch at Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven (NL)

restaurant review #348 – This is from a visit to Poke Bowl Original in the Spring of 2022. We stopped in Eindhoven to have lunch, on our way to Hannover for some music shows.

Front with outdoor seating, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
interior, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
menu, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
counter, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven

As in all of such poke bowl places, you can either choose from menu bowls, or choose to compose your own. As protein, you can choose between fried tofu, tempeh, vegan ‘chickn’ pieces and ‘vegan fish’ pieces. So more choice than in most poké places!

We composed our own bowls and had lunch at the front terrace. It is in a quiet street, away from the very busy and crowded market square.

poke bowls for lunch, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
interior, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
interior, Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven
don’t really like the logo … , Poké Bowl Original, Eindhoven

The interior is cosy, although on one side high tables with bar stools (not really comfortable looking). One small step to get in, toilet at the back. Didn’t see and accessible toilet (and I forgot to take a pic this time).

All in all: Healthy and fresh food. Love these type of bowl places. Wish they were all vegan though!

Poké Bowl Original, location

Nieuwstraat 34
5611 DB Eindhoven

website: https://www.pokebowl.nl/locaties/eindhoven/

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street art Eindhoven

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