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#321 Nice salad and pasta, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

restaurant review #321 – Eetcafé ‘t Folk is part of Muziekcentrum Dranouter, where concerts and other music events are organised. Dranouter is well known for its yearly Folk festival, which takes place just around the corner.
We were at Eetcafé ‘t Folk for lunch a couple of weeks ago, and went for a bikeride in the beautiful area. This part of Flanders is more sloped, with small hills, which are very popular with cyclists and also feature in cycling races.

the area around Dranouter
front, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter
interior, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

There are a handful of vegan options on the menu: tapas as an entree, spaghetti bolognaise, vegan burger, season salad and a monthly vegan special (that month, a penne with vegs and portobello and cream sauce).
It is one of the few places in the wide area with vegan options.

vegan mentioned on menu, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

We had the tapas platter, which was olives, hummus, some red/tomato dips, dried tomatoes, guac, and cherry tomatoes with grilled bread/toasts.

small appetziers with the drinks, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter
tapas plate, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

As mains we had the penne and the seasonal salad. The penne was ok, sauce could use some more spicing. The salad with pearl couscous contained a lot of raw cole, which I dont like, and also several vegs were not fresh but canned (eg haricots). Would have liked some nuts and seeds to make it more varied.

penne, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

seasonal salad with falafel, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter
lunch, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

Total was 61€ for tapas, penne and salad and two non-alcoholic drinks each. So on the more expensive side.

Later in the afternoon, we went back to have the vegan chocolatemousse and coffee (there’s also vegan sorbet available).

chocolate mousse, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

Eetcafe ‘t Folk is a very spacious place, and it was not nearly full when we were there. The location is nice, with a great view on the hills outside of Dranouter. There’s large outdoor seating too (although along the road/traffic passing by). Very friendly service.
Toilets were clean and tidy and there is also an accessible toilet (some seats in the resto are on an elevated level though – not accessible).

toilets, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
front terrace, Eetcafé ‘t Folk, Dranouter

All in all: we had a nice lunch, especially loved the appetizers. A bit on the expensive side. Great location and very friendly!

Eetcafe ‘t Folk, location

Dikkebusstraat 234
8958 Heuvelland

website: https://eetcafe.muziekcentrumdranouter.be/nl

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cycling around Dranouter
lots of walking and cycling routes in the area

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