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#155 Vegan lunch at De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk (2)

Restaurant review #155 – De Kleinkeuken is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Kortrijk (Courtrai). We were here previously about a year ago (see review) and had a nice lunch (although with some points to consider, e.g. the waitress not knowing whether the bread was vegan).
A couple of weeks ago, we visited De KleinKeuken again for lunch. We combined our visit to the Kortrijk region with some shopping at vegan shop tAK in Marke, and dropped in at Zonder Meer, a new waiste reduction shop in Kortrijk. Afterwards, we picked up a order for vegan Danish Pastry at Bakkerij Filip in Kuurne. A Saturday morning well spent 🙂

Front of De KleinKeuken, Kortrijk

Interior, De KleinKeuken, Kortrijk

Interior, De KleinKeuken, Kortrijk

The lunch menu consists of a salad bar (salad which you can compose yourself) or some hot dishes (with a special suggestions mentionned on the chalk board). Vegan options are clearly noted on the menu.

Saladbar options, De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

Other menu option, De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

Chalk board with suggestions, De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

Menu: pie, coffee, soy yoghurt, De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

This is what we had for lunch:

  • Soup (courgette soup, large bowl, without bread – we asked about the bread and the waiter did confirm the bread is vegan though), 3€
  • Budaburger, with sweet potato and salad, avocado and nice dressing saus, 12€
  • Stew with chick peas, carrot, pumpkin, and whole rice (suggestion), 13,50€

The food was nice. The burger is more a patty than a burger, but tasted good. The stew was stone cold unfortunately. Mentionned it and it was taken back to the kitchen, and quickly returned – heated this time.

Drinks at De KleinKeuken, Kortrijk (juice 2,50, spa 2€)

Courgette soup (3€), De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

Suggestion: bowl (13,50€) De KleinKeuken, Kortrijk

Buda Burger (12€) De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

Afterwards we had some pie: a brownie (3,50€) en avocado/lime pie (5€). The brownie was really dense and heavy, wouldn’t order it again.

brownie and pie, De KleinKeuken, Kortrijk

The interior has changed a little bit since our last visit (the dispensers with nuts and seeds have been replaced by some book shelves). De KleinKeuken is a modern looking, bright place (large windows at the front), nicely renovated. Seatings are rather uncomfartbale though (wooden chairs and benches).
Toilet was clean, although a bit shabby (on the up side : individual paper towels to dry one’s hands).

Toilet at De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk. Clean, but a bit shabby.

Interior, De Kleinkeuken, Kortrijk

Interior, De Kleinkeuken

All in all we had a nice small lunch (fitting the name of the restaurant – De KleinKeuken literally translates as ‘the small kitchen’), for a quite moderate price. Definitely a nice addition to Kortrijk!

De KleinKeukenlocation
Budastraat 8
8500 Kortrijk – Courtrai
0472 49 65 39


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market, Kortrijk


  1. Amazing photos, this place looks so cool and awesome, I would love to go!!! Love their presentation with the dishes!!!!

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