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#37 Our lunch at Bagels & Beans, Alkmaar (NL) ***

Restaurant review #37 – Travelling up north towards the island of Texel, we stopped in Alkmaar (in between Amsterdam and Texel). We originally planned to have our lunch at Thai restaurant Chada Thai in Alkmaar, since that restaurant is explicitly mentioned on Happy Cow as being very vegan friendly, to arrive at its frontdoor and find the restaurant … not open. Backup plan: a quick visit to Bagels & Beans, where – as the name suggest – a large variety of bagels is served.

Bagels & Beans is a chain with several locations throughout the Netherlands. There’s always something vegan available, and staff was very friendly to check for ingredients (see also the note inside the menu – taking note of food allergies).

Food allergies

Food allergies

We had the hummus bagel (standardly vegan) and the avocado bagel (without the cream cheese, but with hummus) with respectively a sesame bun and a tomato bun (asked whether they are vegan and got confirmation).

Hummus bagel, 3,95€

Hummus bagel, 3,95€

Avocado bagel, with hummus

Avocado bagel, with hummus, 5,40€

Very nice! And very cheap too (5,40€ for the avocado bagel and 3,95 for the hummus bagel). Small orange juice was only 2,60€!

small orange juice, 2,60€

small orange juice, 2,60€

Ideal for a quick lunch or snack! Service was very swift and friendly.

Bagels & Beans Alkmaar, location
(290km from Bruges, NW from Amsterdam)
Koorstraat 29
1811 GM Alkmaar
The Netherlands
+31 72 520 9728

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.


  1. Great that you liked it! I worked at the Bagels&Beans in Leiden for about 6 years and still love to go there when I get the change 🙂

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