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#352 Lovely lunch on the terrace of EVE- Muse, Metz (FR)

restaurant review #352 – Vegan in METZ (FR)! 💚 We were here in September, on holiday in the region. We had a nice lunch at vegan restaurant EVE, close to the Muse Museum.

Front & Terrace, EVE Muse, Metz

Unfortunately, this location of EVE is since then CLOSED, but the other location of EVE in the city center is still open.
You might wonder, why do I still post this review since it’s closed now? Because it’s my blog and I want to have it as a memory on my blog 😉

interior, EVE Muse, Metz
menu, EVE Muse, Metz
menu, EVE Muse, Metz

We sat on the small terrace just in front.
Had the buddha bowl and poke bowl (12,5€ each) and small portion of aracini (6€) and sweet potato fries (5€) (the best we ever had!). And a piece of moelleux as dessert.

drinks on the terrace, EVE Muse, Metz
bowl, EVE Muse, Metz
bowl, EVE Muse, Metz

Not so comfortable seatings though, and not really a nice setting (quite busy road, outside the historical center). Toilets were not working, but we could go in the place next door.

aracini, EVE Muse, Metz
sweet potato fries, EVE Muse, Metz

Very friendly service. Gave them a Happy Cow window sticker, and also left a Happy Cow sticker at their other location in the city center. Hope they put it up!
We had a very nice lunch! 🤗💚

counter, EVE Muse, Metz

EVE Muse – CLOSED FALL 2022 – location in city center still open

2 Rue des Messageries
Metz, France

website: https://www.instagram.com/evecantinevegetale/

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Metz catherdral in the evening glow

EVE in the city center of Metz, Fr

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