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#189 Vegan dinner at Japanese resto Tanuki, Bruges

restaurant review #189 – Tanuki is a Japanese restaurant in de Oude Gentweg (at the east side of town, the old road to the city of Ghent, leading to the Gentpoort). This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, in the Spring of 2018.

entrance Tanuki, Bruges

interior Tanuki, Bruges

There does not appear to be anything vegan on the menu at Tanuki, but when I inquired by e-mail previously, Tanuki replied that a vegan menu is possible, if you ask it two days in advance. So I telephoned beforehand to make a reservation, and requested a vegan menu.

We were served a 4-course menu (85€).
The dishes included Japanese salsify, haricots and asparagus, a fresh sour seasalad, tempura, atsu age (fried tofu) with several varieties of mushrooms, and sorbet with fruit.

nuts and cookies with drinks, Tanuki, Bruges

small appetizer, 3 seperate small dishes, Japanese salsify, haricots and asparagus, Tanuki, Bruges

first course – fresh -sour sea salad, Tanuki, Bruges

second course, tempura, Tanuki, Bruges

Third Course, atsu age (fried tofu) with several varieties of mushrooms, Tanuki, Bruges

with rice on the side, Tanuki, Bruges

dessert, sorbet with fresh fruit Tanuki, Bruges

The food was nice, and the chef came to give some explanantion about the preparations (eg about the atsu age tofu, which was from Belgian company Maya). The dessert was a bit diappointing.
Although everything was very tasty and and nicely presented, we found 85€ to be on the expensive side. We’ve enjoyed more refined gastronomic experiences for that price or even less.
Service was very friendly. Comfort was good (some chairs with armrests, some without). There is one small stept to enter the restaurant. I did not notice any accessible labelled toilet (but apparently the mens’ was rather big, so maybe that is accessible). Toilet was clean and tidy, with individual towels to dry one’s hands.

toilets at Tanuki, Bruges – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Do keep in mind that Tanuki is a non-vegan restaurant, which is confrontational. For example, Tanuki has an open kitchen (where you can see the food being prepared). We were asked upon entering whether we wanted to take place at the counter looking at the chefs – the kitchen, no thank you! There are also koi fish in a small pond in the courtyard at the back of the restaurant, which I found very troubling and sad.

Koi fish pond at the inner court yard at the back, Tanuki, Bruges 😦

menu at door entrance, Tanuki, Bruges

All in all: we had a nice dinner, good food, relaxed, but a bit on the expensive side.

Tanuki, location
Oude Gentweg 1
8000 Brugge


See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

eating with sticks, Tanuki, Bruges

Open kitchen, Tanuki, Bruges

interior, Tanuki, Bruges


Burg, Bruges

Belfry and Provincial House, Bruges

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