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#255 Nice vegan lunch at Japanese resto Origami, Esch-sur-Alzette (Lux)

restaurant review #255 – Japanese restaurant Origami is located at the back of the new shopping center. There is a large outdoor terrace, but we were here on a rainy day in September, so went inside. We were in the area for the International Animal Rights Conference, which takes places every year in September in Esch-sur-Alzette. On this edition I gave a presentation about ‘Representations of Other Animals. About Vegan Turkey and Voiceless Animals‘. We were asked if we wanted to sit at the carroussel, but declined (don’t want to see all those animal based dishes going by). There are plenty of other seatings in the restaurant room, it’s very spacious.

#189 Vegan dinner at Japanese resto Tanuki, Bruges

restaurant review #189 – Tanuki is a Japanese restaurant in de Oude Gentweg (at the east side of town, the old road to the city of Ghent, leading to the Gentpoort). This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, in the Spring of 2018. There does not appear to be anything vegan on the menu at Tanuki, but when I inquired by e-mail previously, Tanuki replied that a vegan menu is possible, if you ask it two days in advance. So I telephoned beforehand to make a reservation, and requested a vegan menu. We were served a 4-course menu (85€). The dishes included Japanese salsify, haricots and asparagus, a fresh sour seasalad, tempura, atsu age (fried tofu) with several varieties of mushrooms, and sorbet with fruit. The food was nice, and the chef came to give some explanantion about the preparations (eg about the atsu age tofu, which was from Belgian company Maya). The dessert was a bit diappointing. Although everything was very tasty and and nicely presented, we found 85€ to …

#93 Nice vegan dinner at Japanese restaurant Amatsu, Ghent

Restaurant review #93 – Amatsu is a Japanese restaurant in the city of center of Ghent (in between the Korenmarkt and Vrijdagmarkt – close to the city hall). I had seen restaurant Amatsu mentioned on one of the Belgian vegan facebook groups. Amatsu has a vegetarian menu standardly available, which can easily be veganised. A vegan friend telephoned and Amatsu said vegan was no problem, and so she made the reservation for the four of us (all vegans). It was a beautiful Summer evening and we sat on the terrace at the back of the restaurant (very spacious!). It was a Saturday evening and the terrace soon filled (so I definitely recommend making a reservation). Overview of our menu: (29€): The food was very nice. Lovely combinations, and some vegetables that are rather rare! I don’t have any photos from the interior of the restaurant, but walking through it on our way and out, it transpired a nice relaxing feeling. Toilet was clean. Nice tile colours too and a beautifull decorated sink (with flower print). We had a very …