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#163 Nice lunch at Li O Lait, Bruges

restaurant review #163 – Li O Lait is a lunch/coffee bar in the city center of Bruges, close to ‘t Zand. I had lunch here a couple of weeks ago with a friend.

Li O Lait, front and terrace

Li O Lait, interior

I had inquired back in 2016 whether they had any vegan options, and received a positive reply. Li O Lait had also posted an announcement about vegan bagels in May 2017 on their facebookpage and I had seen several posts about vegan cake being served. Before going, I telephoned again to be sure they serve something vegan, as there is no mention about anything vegan on their website. And they do!
Reservation was said not to be necessary for lunch, if we came early. And so we did.

There are no vegan options mentioned on the menu, but there’s a line that says that vegans can ask what’s on offer. So we did, and this is what we had for lunch: the soup of the day, and the bagel with tomato, salad and guacamole (bagel bread is said to be vegan).

orange juice, 4€, Li O Lait, Bruges

Soup of the day, 4€, Li O Lait, Bruges

Bagle with guacamole, 6,50€ each, Li O Lait, Bruges

For dessert, we had a vegan cappuccino (3,20€ + 0,30 € for soy) and pie from a new vegan catering bussiness in Bruges making vegan pies and cakes on demand: The Green & Clean Bakery. Nice cake!

Oreo cake, 4,50€,  at Li O Lait, Bruges

Li O Lait has a cosy old fashioned style interior. Uncomfy hard chairs though. In the front of the lunch bar, there are some sofas to relax.

interior, Li O Lait, Bruges

chairs, Li O Lait, Bruges

some sofas to relax, Li O Lait, Bruges

front of Li O Lait, Bruges

Toilet was clean and tidy, with paper towels to dry one’s hands.

Toilets at Li O Lait, Bruges

We had a nice lunch. And very cheap (especially considering other prices in Bruges!)
It would be nice though, to see at least some vegan options standardly available on the menu and advertised as such!

Li O Lait, location
Dweerstraat 30
8000 Brugge / Bruges
050/70 85 70


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Central Market, Bruges

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