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Eat your heart out! A look inside vegan supermarket Ecocentre in Barcelona

Shop review #48 – Ecocentre is a vegan shop in the city center of Barcelona. We went to Ecocentre after visiting the nearby Sagrada Familia and having lunch at vegan restaurant La Trocadero.
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La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, still in progress, Barcelona 2018


Front of Ecocentre, vegan shop, Barcelona

The front of the shop is rather small, but after opening the door and upon entering we were overwhelmed by the size of Ecocentre. Whooot! It’s a (small) supermarket!

a look inside Vegan shop Ecocentre, Barcelona

a look inside Vegan shop Ecocentre, Barcelona

The place is packed with vegan goodies, food items like cereals, cookies, pasta, but also faux meats, icecream, cheese and pies and cakes! And also some books, cosmetics body and care products and cleaning products.
It is so exciting to visit a vegan shop, and certainly one this size! But also so reassuring, since one does not have to check labels to see whether any goods contain animal products (which seems to have become second nature 😉 !

books, The sexual Politics of Meat, Carol J. Adams, in Spanish! Ecocentre, Barcelona

pies and cakes, Ecocentre, Barcelona

body and care products, Ecocentre, Barcelona

Tofurkey etc, Ecocentre, Barcelona

vegan cheezes, Ecocentre, Barcelona

Unfortunately we couldn’t do any real shopping (we were just here for a short holiday and couldn’t buy any stuff that needed cooling during transport home). But we did buy some body and care products.

Wish we had a shop like this in our area!

Here are some more pics from Ecocentre to give you an idea:

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Ecocentre, location 
Avda. Diagonal, 329
08009 Barcelona
Tel. 932 075 785


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Streetview in the area of Ecocentre (flags are in support of independence of Catalunya)

Museum of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


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