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#154 Plat du jour at organic shop Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

restaurant review #154 – shop review #46 Vier de Seizoenen is an organic shop at the edge of Bruges (Assebroek). Vier de Seizoenen literally translates as ‘celebrate the seasons‘. But in Dutch, to celebrate (vieren) also is the word for four, so it also refers to the four seasons of the year.

Since September 2017, Vier de Seizoenen serves a vegetarian plat du jour for lunch (on weekdays). Sometimes, the plat du jour is vegan, or can be veganised. It is advisable to call ahead to be sure, although the lady said they can always fix something last minute, since there are many vegan products in the shop.

front of shop, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Inside the shop, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Restaurant at the back of the shop, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

I was here with a friend a couple of weeks ago for lunch. The restaurant room is at the back of the shop. This was our lunch: 

  • Soup: coral lentils and carrot, with coconutcream
  • smoked tofu with sesame seeds, swiss chard and andives, pumpkin puree, salad with oxheart cabbage & olives, potatoes and rozemary
  • tea, with a cookie

Lunch options noted on chalk board, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

apple juice, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Soup: coral lentils, carrots and coconut cream, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

main dish, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

tea with cookie, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Lunch total was 21,20€ (apple juice, soup, main dish, tea with cookie). The food was nice, not very culinary exciting, but a pretty basic and straightforward weekday lunch. The cake that came with the tea was not vegan (we asked to be sure), but then was replaced with a vegan cookie.

Vier de Seizoenen is a reasonably sized organic shop with several vegan products that are not so readily available in ‘regular’ shops. It also has a nice selection of fresh vegetables and fruits.

vegetables and fruits at Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Some more photos from the shop to give you an idea (note that it is not a vegan shop, so not all products on the photos are necessarily vegan).

Wood stove in restaurant at the back, Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Toilet in shop, basic, but clean (with individual towels!) Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Vier de Seizoenen, location
Astridlaan 14
8310 Assebroek, Brugge / Bruges
050/37 35 81

no website


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Window Vier de Seizoenen, Bruges

Vier de seizoenen is near the Gentpoort, the old port to Ghent (the old road leading to the city of Ghent).

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