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#144 Nice Italian inspired lunch at Sud, Bruges

restaurant review #144 – Sud – Food in Italy is an Italian restaurant and shop in the city center of Bruges, just a 5 minute walk from the central Market and the Belfry. Sud is opened for lunch (the shop is open till 7PM though) and on Saturday also for dinner.

Sud, Brugge

interior Sud Brugge

counter interior, Sud Brugge (note: it is not a vegan shop/restaurant, so not all items on photo are necessarily vegan)

interior Sud Brugge

Sud had organised an all vegan dinner evening earlier this year, which we wanted to attend. But unfortunately we had to cancel last minute because my father unexpectedly died that week.
We were finally able to visit Sud a couple of weeks ago. I had telephoned beforehand to ask whether vegan was possible and that was no problem, so I made a reservation for lunch.

We got a small snack as an appetizer. After a while, we also were served a bruchetta.

small snack, Sud Brugge

Bruchetta, Sud Brugge

The appetizer was lentils with cucucmbers and a sauce that tasted like lemoncello, with fine cracker on top. Lovely!
The main dish was pasta with black chick peas, eggplant, two types of tomatoes, roasted nuts, mushrooms, potatoes (all being vegetables from Puglia, the area where the chef originates from!).
There was bread on the side in a paper bag and bread was said to be vegan.

appetizer, Sud Brugge

main dish, Sud Brugge

It was delicious! This was not just an ‘ordinary’ pasta with vegetables, but a very original dish, all freshly prepared, rich with flavour. Definitely good value for money (we paid 24€ for the appetizer and main course).

Service was very friendly. Only downpoint was we had to wait quite a long time for lunch to be served (which they did apologise for). And as such we also did not have time for dessert any more (but they assured us they can always make a vegan dessert).

There are two toilets in the back, which were very clean, with individual towels to dry ones’ hands (love that!).
The restaurant has a bistro like atmosphere, with just a handful of tables, but chairs are rather uncomfortable, and don’t invite for long wining and dining. The shop sells freshly prepared dishes over the counter (did not inquire about the availablility of any vegan ones) and other Italian food items (like the crackers we had as an appetizer).

All in all, we had a nice lunch, absolutely loved the food, but a pity about the long wait on uncomfy chairs.

Sud – Food in Italy, location
Mallebergplaats 5
Brugge / Bruges
+32 050 344562


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Sud Brugge

Sud Brugge, (note: it is not a vegan shop/restaurant, so not all items on photo are necessarily vegan)

toilets at Sud Brugge, clean and tidy, individual towls



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