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#48 Spicy dinner at vegetarian restaurant Planet India in Brighton (UK) ***

Restaurant review #48 – Planet India is a vegetarian restaurant in the center of Brighton. As the name leads to suggest, it’s an Indian style restaurant, with curries and dahls and such. The restaurant is a 10-15 minute walk from the central station. The restaurant also offers take-away.

Brighton is a vibrant but also quite touristic place, with lots of opportunities for vegans (that is also the main reason why we choose to go there this Summer). I will put a more general post about our visit to Brighton up later. And there are several restaurant reviews coming up, as we defintely ate a lot! 🙂

We phoned to make a reservation before we went up there, and it’s a good thing we did, as the time we had planned on going there was already fully booked (and this was on a weekday!). But we could come earlier, so we quickly packed and went to the restaurant.

vegetarian restaurant Planet India, Brighton, UK

vegetarian restaurant Planet India, Brighton, UK

There’s a large terrace outside, and we already noticed the friendly atmosphere. If the friendly guy waving at us in this pic recognizes himself, do drop us a line! 😉
The inside of the restaurant is not so big, and the interior is rather colourful, with bright coloured sheets lining the ceiling. It did give me – together with the carpets – a rather dusty and airless feel (it was also quite hot outside, and hence also inside).
The menu is made up with some tongues in cheek (notice also the “home made Indians” on the banner on the front of the restaurant – pic above), and the dishes are also very oddly priced :-D. It all adds to the informal and relaxed atmosphere of the place. Vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu and the wines are also marked vegan friendly or not.

vegetarian rstaurant Planet India, colourful interior

vegetarian rstaurant Planet India, colourful interior

We got a jar of iced tap water for free, which was nice to cool down a bit (also ordered mineral water which was 1.67£). And some snacks on the side (can’t remember what they were, but asked if they were vegan, and the waiter confirmed).

ice tap water and vegan snacks

ice tap water and vegan snacks

We had the samosas as a starter (3,97£).

Samosas, 3,97£

Samosas, 3,97£

As a main dish, we both had a curry (13,54£ – chappaties and cumin rice were extra). I cannot remember exactly which one it was from the menu, but I do remember they were NOT marked particularly spicy on the menu, but they were more than hot enough for us! Pfew. Cannot imagine what the spicy ones must be like!!

lentil curry, 13,54£

curry, 13,54£ with chappaties 1,77£

potato vegetable curry 13,54£

potato vegetable curry, 13,54£ with cumin rice 2,91£

Comparing to Belgian prices in Indian restaurants, this was rather expensive, but comparing to other prices in Brighton, it seemed quite reasonable. Service was very quick and friendly. More than reasonably sized portions and nice food, albeit a bit spicy for us! Definitely phone ahead if you want to be sure of a place because it’s a busy place!

Planet India, location
4-5 Richmond Parade
Brighton, UK
01273 818 149

facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Planet-India

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