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#35 Our most recent visits to restaurant Réliva (3), Bruges *****

Restaurant review #35 – Restaurant Réliva is one of the few restaurants in Bruges with vegan dishes standardly available. It is not a vegan restaurant, but there’s always a choice of two vegan main dishes and one whole vegan menu (35€ without drinks). We already blogged about our visits to Réliva when we first visited it at the end of 2013 here and our visit in 2014 here. (see edit below)

Since then, we have dined four times at restaurant Réliva, on all but one occasion accompanied by friends or family. As restaurant Réliva also serves non-vegan menus, it is the ideal place to go to when you are in mixed company (with omnis).

Here are some photos of what we had:

You are always welcomed with a small appetizer, for example spicy hummus and kale soup, or on another occasion parsnip & kale soup and a mini spring roll. They now also explicitly state the bread to be vegan, which was sometimes overlooked in the beginning days.

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The vegan appetizer was either pumpkin soup or grilled sweet cauliflower with almonds and cumin.



grilled sweet cauliflower with almonds and cumin

grilled sweet cauliflower with almonds and cumin

The main dish for vegans was always either lasagne with minced tofu and cashew cream sauce, or a quinoa dish with vegetables.

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The standard vegan dessert available is a raw chocolate mousse (served with fruits). On one other occasion there was also a vegan crème brûlée (made from cashews).

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For tea or coffee, the host has now also made sure vegans get a cookie, a fine touch which was overlooked in the beginning days of the restaurant (there was no cookie for vegans then).

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Our dining experiences at Réliva are always very tastefull and plentyfull (the portions of the main dishes make sure you won’t leave the restaurant hungry). Everything from the cauliflower to the raw chocolate mousse is a feast for your taste buds and 35€ for the 3 course menu is defenitely great value for money.

But having tasted all these dishes several times now (and some dishes are the same since the opening of the restaurant), we hope the menu will vary and maybe some other dishes will be served soon.

We are curious and ready to taste other vegan creations from the chef! So we will be keeping a close eye on Réliva’s website to see when the menu changes to check it out again.

EDIT: See several reviews HERE. Our last visit was beginning of 2017.
UPDATE Summer 2017: prices have increased, vegan options have decreased (only one vegan option), and strict and selective reservation policy (eg pay deposit to confirm reservation).
UPDATE 2022: Réliva is no longer serving vegan dishes, also not on request. So disappointing … 😦

Restaurant Réliva, location on Google maps
Goezeputstraat 6
8000 Brugge / Bruges

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and around Bruges

Here are some more pics of restaurant Réliva. The reason why the room is empty is because we were there very early for lunch one time (before people started coming in). And the other time for lunch was in the Christmas holidays, which is apparantly a quiet time for lunch (which we prefer much more than a crowded and busy dinner on new Years Eve!). Otherwise, it is recommended that you make a reservation, as they are often fully booked for dinner!

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  1. Elisabeth Hauser says

    Thank you so much for the reviews!. Now I will reserve for 7 people at Réliva. I am vegan and the 6 others promised to have vegan dinner too!

    • That’s great! I hope you have a great time and a lovely dinner!
      Thanks for your feedback Elisabeth, it’s nice to know that our blog is appreciated 😉

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