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Shopping at organic shop Mordan, Ostend (2)

Shop review #33 – Mordan is an organic shop in Ostend (at the Belgian coast) and has two locations: the oldest shop is the city center (right next to the main shopping street Kappelestraat) and has been there for decades. The other one is at the edge of Ostend, on the Torhoutsesteenweg (review of this one is here: shop review #16). Mordan now also has a webshop, with free delivery throughout Belgium (for any order above 25€).

organic shop Mordan, Ostend

organic shop Mordan, Ostend

organic shop Mordan, Ostend

The shop Mordan has been there as long as I can remember. As I grew up in Ostend (and didn’t live far from it!), I know the shop quite well.

Mordan in Ostend is not a vegan shop, but sells many vegan products that you won’t find so easily in ‘regular’ shops. From vegan cheese to chia seeds from coconut oil to vegan chocolate, from vegan bread spreads to vegan desserts. Note: as is the case in many organic shops in Belgium, there is unfortunately also a ‘meat and cheese’ counter:

unfortunately with a large meat counter …
organic shop Mordan, Ostend

One big difference with the other shop at the Torhoustesteenweg is there is no parking space here. The oldest Mordan shop is smack in the city center. This shop is larger though than the one at the edge of the city and has a bit more ‘breathing space’ (easier to stroll around, although some alleys are pretty narrow too).

Here are some pics from Mordan 1 in Ostend to give you an idea (as it is not a vegan shop, please note that not all items on these photos are necessarily vegan). 

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Christinastraat 69
8400 Oostende
Tel: 059/505245


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organic shop Mordan, Ostend

organic shop Mordan, Ostend

at the butcher’s shop window … organic shop Mordan, Ostend


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