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Finding vegan goodies at Asian Supermarket Chow Chun, Ostend

Shop review #24 – Chow Chun is an Asian supermarket in the city center of Ostend. It is located in between the Casino Kursaal and the Kapellestraat (Ostend’s main shopping street).
It is not a vegan shop, but we did see a selection of vegan goodies that are not so commonly found in regular shops in Belgium. And also some rather rare fresh vegetables.

Asian supermarket Chow chun, Ostend

Asian supermarket Chow Chun, Ostend

These photos give you an impression of the size of the store and what’s for sale. Note that not all items on the photos are necessarily vegan, since it’s not a vegan shop.

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Here are some items that caught our eye (I didn’t have time to check all of them for ingredients, but at first glance they looked vegan):

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This is what we bought: mock duck and mock chicken, soybean pudding, crackers and fried gluted with peanuts (seitan). (11,30€).

vegan goodies from Chow Chun, Ostend

vegan goodies from Chow Chun, Ostend

Chow Chun, location
Van Iseghemlaan 50
8400 Oostende
+32 (0)59 80 13 68



  1. That mock duck is amazing, I could eat it straight out the can! It’s very similar in texture to crispy aromatic duck when roasted 🙂

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